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Nov 23, 2021

VP of Engineering

We're looking for a VP of Engineering to join our remote team and make a change in how people perceive dating, sexuality and relationships.

At Feeld we are creating a world where women can explore their desires without judgement and couples can design their relationships. We are building an inclusive, human-centred product and are looking for a technology leader to join our growing team.

As VP of Engineering you will be responsible for ensuring Feeld is building successful technology for our members, allowing them to use our platform to fulfill their desires. We put a high value on the safety of our members, so we're striving to make our technology more secure and less complex, while increasing flexibility and making sure we can quickly debug any issues that occur.

We're looking for someone who cares deeply about what our members' experience, and wants to help us deliver the future of dating. We rely on our technology to be the foundation of this journey.

What you will do:


  • Responsible for developing and implementing the strategic technology plan and vision for the business.
  • Lead and define the overall technology development strategy and associated technology development and maintenance processes.
  • Ensuring the technology stack is fit for purpose.
  • Deliver a high quality, highly scalable product aligned to the company’s needs.
  • Provide a platform to enable data driven product and growth decisions.
  • Represent Feeld's technology and engineering team to the outside world.
  • Position and promote Feeld as a leader in the tech community; engage with conferences, press, industry associations, etc.


  • Provide technical knowledge to support planning and specification builds.
  • Provide tools and resources to colleagues to help facilitate optimum performance across the wider business (ie platform & community tools, analytics tools).
  • Manage and respond to reported incidents and emergencies including owning the incident response rotation.
  • Set and manage department budget to achieve company and development objectives.
  • Ensure adherence to security and legal regulations.
  • Enforce appropriate access levels to the company’s technologies and services.

People & Leadership

  • Mentor team members and guide them on their career path.
  • Create a culture of quality and user focus across the engineering team.
  • Manage the performance of the team, including writing and maintaining performance management documentation.
  • Drive 1-2-1’s with all direct reports.
  • Construct job specifications, interview, evaluate and hire the top talent.


  • Be an active participant in new joiner onboarding.
  • Be an active participant in the Leadership Team.
  • Lead quarterly and annual planning activities, as well as the objectives and key results (OKR) process.
  • Communicate company strategy throughout the organisation.
  • Keep apprised of industry trends, opportunities and threats.
  • Engage in personal professional development along with the Leadership Team.
  • Be a key contributor in the process of hiring other Leadership roles within the organisation.


  • Developing clear roadmaps of the company’s technology and engineering plans.
  • Eliminating the need for legacy code base, creating a tech infrastructure that is built for speed and scalability.
  • Developing an infrastructure and technical architecture that can support 10x growth in usage with sophisticated data modelling.
  • Promoting the company externally as a progressive company in terms of employment and technology.
  • Being a voice for and champion of growth
  • Attracting and retaining top tech talent through networking and employer promotions.
  • Delivering ideas from Product that are built and tested within days not months.
  • Creating a culture of high velocity delivery within engineering.
  • Making major technical direction and prioritisation decisions quickly, decisively and successfully.
  • Promoting transparency through clear, honest and authentic leadership.
  • Leveraging communication to the rest of the leadership team and company, creating the ability to fix problems in plans early.
  • Developing above industry-standard security practices across engineering.
  • Promoting and maintaining high job satisfaction and retention of engineering talent, with a strong culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

About us:

Feeld is an independent, experimental and fully remote organisation reshaping the dialogue on dating and sexuality. The company was founded in 2014 and has evolved since to become the open, distributed structure it is now. We have a naturally agile and fluid culture. The whole team is fully remote, which means you work where and when helps you perform at your best. We regard autonomy highly and treat our organisation as a product – we iterate, improve and test things internally to see what works best for everyone.

Compensation & Perks:

** The salary range for this role is $180,000 - $250,000 USD, indexed for geography. ***

We’ve designed compensation and perks in a way that supports the Core Values of the company.

One of those Core Values is: Human.

This means: We are conscious of how our work and decisions impact other humans and the environment. We design our product and organisation with attention to and consideration for the wellbeing and happiness of our members and colleagues. We believe in technology and working environments that enable people to live a meaningful, fulfilled life.

Therefore, we offer our staff:

  • flexible working hours
  • unlimited paid time off
  • a fully remote working situation

Forget about gimmicks like companies giving their staff one week off because people were on the edge of burning out - Feeld’s way of working is designed to proactively prevent burnout and an “always on” culture.

Remote working works 95% of the year. However, we are in the business of facilitating human connection, so it makes sense that we’d also want to facilitate that with our staff. Pre-Covid, Feeld had annual in-person company retreats in destinations such as Gran Canaria, Vigo, Porto, and the English countryside. As soon as we can safely resume these, we will! Some of the perks of working at Feeld are:

  • Company retreats
  • Access to the Feeld Flat in Porto, Portugal
  • You are able to use your expense account to purchase access to co-working spaces

One of our Core Values is: Transparent.

This means: We strive for complete openness of information within the organisation and for enabling honesty on our platform. Internally, we keep decision-making transparent to keep each other accountable and make sure all voices are heard. That is why:

  • Everyone is given equity options
  • We have open compensation data - everyone's salary and are public among the Feeld staff

One of our Core Values is: Fluid.

This means: We design and organise with fluidity in mind, avoiding overly prescriptive environments for our product, operations and growth. We encourage our members to freely explore their desires and design their relationships, and we make that possible by enabling each member of staff to work where and when helps them do their best work.

Ways Feeld supports team members being Fluid are:

  • $4k budget for computer and home office set-up
  • Expense account ($300 per month) to be used on co-working memberships, fitness, coffees, subscription to Headspace/Calm, etc.
  • Training budget
  • On-demand therapy sessions and mental health support via Spill

To find out more about Feeld, download our app on iOS or Android.

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