5 date ideas for sexually adventurous couples

November 13, 2016

Oh, Valentine’s day. A day both loved and loathed by anyone who has ever been in a relationship. When was the last time you had a mind-blowing Valentine’s Day date? If you do have a romantic or tantalizing tale then we congratulate you, but for the rest of us, Valentine’s Day can come with enormous pressure and high expectations.

That’s why this year, we want to help you out. The following are our recommendations for dates that will spark some sexual adventure—which is exactly what we think Valentine’s Day is for.

1. Have a Threesome

Now obviously we are biased, but one way to spice things up and bring a new dimension into your relationship is to have a threesome. Before you jump in head first, make sure you do your homework and read our article on how to plan your first threesome.

2. Pole/Lap Dance

We know. This one seems cliché and at the same time surprising, but bear with us. We suggest flipping the gender stereotypes on their heads. We’ve all seen Magic Mike XXL… While the acting is sometimes suspect, there is no lying about how sexy grown men can be when they pole dance/lap dance. If you aren’t traditionally the femme one in the relationship, try this out. The next time it’s date night, stay in and give your partner a show.

3. Go Out and Buy Sex Toys Together

Both something you can do, and use. Buying sex toys together can be both exhilarating, playful and fun.

4. Have Sex in Public

A bit more risqué for those who don’t like PDA out there, having sex in public can be thrilling. (But don’t get caught as it is considered a misdemeanor.) Stick to locations that are less populated: on a hillside with a nice view, a beach at night (hint: sand sticks, so the guy should be on the bottom or go from behind), an empty college classroom, or on a balcony.

5. Try Out a BDSM Club or a Play Party

By far the kinkiest date idea, this one is for the true risk takers. If public sex isn’t your thing, many BDSM clubs provide a different safe zone for people that are looking to have sex outside of their regular spot. If you’d rather watch than take part, a play party could also be your thing as it doesn’t require you to get physical with your lover while you’re there, and you aren’t obligated to play with anyone you don’t want to.

We think the best way to celebrate with your lover is to mix up your routine. So try an idea from this list if you haven’t already — it’ll make this romantic holiday that much sexier. Have fun ;)

Photo: Ditty_about_summer/Shutterstock