6 Overlooked Erotic Zones

March 7, 2017

We all know that a tongue on the neck makes your body tingle, but how about a stroke behind the knee? Our bodies are flush with sensitive sexual areas or erogenous zones. Pleasure can come from just about anywhere, as long as you’ve got the right touch. If you’re interested in exploring the untapped pleasure-ready regions of the body, check out this guide to overlooked erotic zones from head to toes.


Yes, buttcheeks are extremely sensitive (and fun to touch/be touched), but I’m talking about the face. I’m not sure why it’s such a turn on, but my last partner practically begged me to run my tongue and lips up and down the sides of his mouth. Who thought that a little kiss on the cheek could feel so good?


This isn’t for everyone, but underarms are one of the human body’s most sensitive and surprisingly sensual areas. A little lick on the outer edge can trigger a series of nerve endings, sending shivers up your partner’s spine. It will also get you closer to those intoxicating, pheromone releasing sweat glands — an enviable turn-on as long as your partner showers after the gym (or if that’s what you’re into, as long as they don’t).

Belly Button

The umbilical chord gave us life in the womb, bringing us the oxygen we needed as we began our journey into this world. What does this have to do with with sex, you might ask? Well, many still have a leftover ligament that connects our navel to our bladder — and to our sex organs. This is why a little lick of the belly button might make us tingle down there. Just be careful not to press too hard — you might make your partner want to pee.

Inner Thigh

This might seem like an obvious one, but I can’t tell you how many partners I’ve had who have overlooked this area completely. A nibble on the inside of the thigh is a great way to tease your partner pre-oral, while a little squeeze during sex can signal the start of some rough play.

Behind the Knee

The soft skin behind the knee is full of nerve endings that almost never get stimulated. Try reaching down to lightly stroke the area during your next spooning session. You might be surprised by what happens next!


For those of you who hate feet, there’s nothing sexy about a toe. But trust me, feet aren’t just for fetishists — and your partner will thank you for the digital foreplay. Feet are extremely sensitive. Plus, showing your partner that you’re willing to get a little down and dirty with some kinky foot play is a major turn-on.

With a body covered in nerve endings it’s no wonder that we have so many erotic zones. Go exploring and keep in mind that every body is different. Triggering your partner’s usually neglected zones is both a surprising and impressive move, and checking in with your partner to see if they have any special spots is a sure way to win their affection. You might even find something new that you like, too. Tons of unexpected ways to give and get pleasure are just an experiment or a conversation away.