8 Hilarious Sex Mishaps That Everyone Experiences At Least Once


Every couple experiences a little bedroom blunder from time to time. Accidents happen, but a limb in the face or an awkward ending doesn’t need to spell the end of all magic in the bedroom. Especially for those who are unafraid to get a little adventurous in the bedroom, the odd unwanted noise, injury and cringe-worthy moment is inevitable. To assuage the embarrassment, we’ve created a list of hilarious (but common) mishaps to help you feel less alone the next time you find yourself blushing between the sheets. 

Unwanted Noises

Anything other than moans in the bedroom may seem unsexy, but flatulence and queefing are hard to avoid. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t let one loose accidentally. Weird noises come with the territory—after all, if you’re the one being penetrated, you’re literally having air pushed into you. But seriously, sex farts happen so often that chances are your partner didn’t even notice. Besides, they’re nothing a little giggle can’t fix.

Throwing Up

This is another common mishap that usually occurs as a result of an overzealous deep-throat. If you happen to be the one getting puked on, we advise that you hop in the shower ASAP—those stomach acids can burn! But rather than getting mad, offer your partner a little extra aftercare. It’s not everyday you find someone who might risk losing their dinner to please you. 

Flying Limbs

With two or more people rolling around in bed, it’s not uncommon that some limbs will end up flailing in the wrong direction or that someone will tumble off the bed altogether. So long as no one is in serious pain, you can take these moments in stride. Just make sure that you give your partners enough time to recuperate after any unwanted contact—then climb back up on that saddle.

Performance Anxiety

You may really want to get laid, but your body can have other plans. No matter how hot and heavy the night has been, sometimes getting aroused can be a losing battle. Whether it’s alcohol, self-consciousness or other stressors, there are many reasons why people experience performance anxiety before sex. If not all parties are standing at attention, take the pressure off and experiment with other ways to be sensual or intimate. Chances are, all parts will be operating in no time.

Wrecking the Sheets

Sex is messy. From sweat to bodily fluids, your bedsheets usually need a serious wash after an adventurous rendez-vous—and sometimes, this means changing them immediately after the grand finale, to avoid sleeping on any wet spots. Also, anyone with a uterus may even get kick-started into menstruating during sex. In this case, it’s totally normal to be surprised by some unexpected blood, but you can choose not to be grossed out by it. Afterall, a little natural lubricant may be just the thing to heighten the encounter. Instead of stressing the inevitable messiness, throw down a towel and continue what you were doing.

Hair Everywhere

Whether you're practicing some light pulling or getting down and dirty in an unkempt region, there’s a good chance that you’re going to end up with some unwanted hair in your face. And while there’s nothing sexy about pulling a stray strand out of your mouth, it’s much better than leaving it in there. 


If you’ve ever been gagged you’ve probably experienced a little leakage around the mouth. It gets even worse if you are using a ball-gag. But what is BDSM without a little healthy humiliation?

Time Out

Trying out new moves in the bedroom can be really exciting, but sometimes that excitement means that you might finish a little faster than usual. Whatever you do, don’t panic! A good partner will be understanding, and if you’re lucky they might even give you a chance to redeem yourself later in the night.

Sex mishaps are common and they’re nothing to be ashamed about. The best lovers bring their sense of humor to bed, and know that a funny noise or accidental dick slap are part of the delightfully authentic experience of having sex. As a matter of fact, if any of these things are happening in the bedroom, odds are that you’re doing something right. So take a risk and power through any blunders—the rewards are well-worth it.

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