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Mar 11, 2020

For Play: a digital foreplay experience by Feeld

Because dating isn't all about the climax

We are excited to announce the launch of our new project For Play, a first-of-its-kind ‘digital foreplay’ project seeking to redefine fluid sexuality and desire. For Play is an interactive digital artwork created in collaboration with Moniker, the Amsterdam-based design studio researching the social effects of technology. Conceived as a form of foreplay to dating on Feeld, it connects visitors in a sensory play space and lets them ‘touch’, tease and flirt with each other outside prescribed categories. Challenging the notion of a fixed sexual identity and the prescriptive interaction so often embedded in online dating, For Play is Feeld’s answer to the digital age’s promise of open human connection.

Feeld has a history of collaborating with and supporting artists and cultural projects, from illustrators and independent type designers to a print literary journal. Speaking of Moniker’s collaboration with Feeld, artist and designer Luna Maurer explained the intention behind creating a digital artwork based on live participation:

‘We are entering an era marked by blurred boundaries between the artificial and the physical, a clash between human flesh and rational data. We are massively surrendering our physical selves to the virtual, therefore we at Moniker are super excited to work together with the extraordinary dating-app Feeld. They focus on bringing people together and celebrating the human body with all its desires, while at Moniker we are fascinated by the romantic effects that technology can have on our behaviour.’

Feeld’s Creative Director Steve O Connell adds:

‘At Feeld, we believe in the fluidity and unpredictability of human sexuality. This ethos of openness and experimentation informs everything we do, and it’s embodied in our collaboration with Moniker. Users of this sensory experience inhabit fluid-like avatars, representing the boundless nature of their individual sexuality. They’re free to roam, explore, and connect with others in real time, sharing a unique moment free from preconception. For Play is all about individuality, experimentation, and play.’

Discover For Play and share your avatar on social media by tagging #FeeldForPlay.

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