Dec 17, 2021

Feeld work: an update about the development of our app

Our VP of Product, Debbie James, talks us through how the team is improving your experience

I’ve just completed my first three months at Feeld so I thought it the perfect time to introduce myself and tell you what we’re doing in the Product team to improve the Feeld experience for our valued members.

I’ve been a user of Feeld for many years (even before it was called Feeld - remember that?!) and have kept coming back due to the humans I connect with on the app: it’s a way of meeting ‘my people’ which doesn’t hit right on some of the more mainstream apps. So when I received a call asking me if I’d be interested in hearing about a role at “a dating app with a difference”, I was eager to hear more.

My first meeting was with Ana Kirova, the CEO of Feeld, and her passion and vision for allowing humans to design their own relationships was inspiring and infectious. I found this true of all of the Feeld team I met before joining so my heart was set on being a part of the journey. I did my research and saw that there was a lively and engaged audience using Feeld but that some users found the app to be ‘buggy’ and in need of improvement. As a Product specialist, that was a challenge I couldn’t refuse!

Feeld has always been an independent company, free from outside investment, to enable us to shape the experience of our members in a meaningful way and to be true to our principles of helping you design your own relationships. In practical terms this means that we haven’t had the deep pockets of the more mainstream apps, but we’re now committed to reinvesting a lot more into improving the app and helping to grow our community of users. More like-minded people on the app means more opportunities to make human connections!

We are hard at work now to make the Feeld experience free of bugs and interruptions and create the joyful playground you deserve. We truly appreciate and listen to all of your feedback so please keep it coming. As well as making sure that those pesky bugs get ironed out, we will be making improvements to the features and functionality within the app so watch this space.

The first major piece of work we are undertaking is to optimise the login experience - we know that this can be unreliable and causes tension for users so we’re starting there. We’re also working on some design delights for you which we will let you know about as we go. Every area of the Feeld app will be given some love over the coming months and I commit to keeping you posted here on our progress.

We will also be listening more to our wonderful and valued user community and will continue to use your insights to help shape the future of Feeld. More on how you can be part of this soon!

This is a really exciting time for Feeld and I am delighted to be on board and create an even better experience for our growing community.

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