Aug 9, 2022

Introducing Feeld 6.0

Discover our new look, new artwork and a whole lot of improvements under the hood.

You may notice something different about us. That’s right: Feeld has a new look, and even more new enhancements under the hood. We’ve been listening to you and as we work to improve the app experience even further, we’re thrilled to introduce this new and improved Feeld. 


If you’ve opened the app, you’ll notice the first drop of our updated appearance (and if you haven’t, a quick update will get you there!). It’s still us, but with a new design, new original artwork by Joey Yu and more intuitive interactions that will make using Feeld a lot more pleasurable. 

Dawn Theme

We’re also happy to announce that Dawn Theme is now available to everyone on Feeld, not just Majestic Members. We’ve had a lot of valuable feedback from members with light sensitivity, plus we want to do whatever we can to help cut down blue light consumption on those late night Feeld sessions. 

Keeping it Real

We’ve also taken crucial steps towards ensuring that everyone you meet is who they say they are. This is part of our ongoing work to keep the Feeld community safe, authentic and confidently curious. With a number of content moderation solutions, we’re continually building our space for humans to explore themselves and each other freely.  

A Smoother Ride

You’ll find starting group chats, fine-tuning your profile and organizing your photos a lot easier. Alongside that, we’ve also made significant general access improvements and enhancements to our chat, so you can explore and connect with like-minded humans more seamlessly than ever. 

Keep exploring, it’s only going to get better. 

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