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Nov 8, 2018

The new Feeld is out for Android

We've completely rebuilt the Android version. Head to the Google Play and download it today.

What’s new

  • We stripped the colour and noise for a sharper, more lucid experience.
  • We added a new system for loading connections for messages to sync quickly and smoothly.
  • We created simpler, more intuitive navigation for clarity and flow.
  • Some like it dark — our Majestic members can now enjoy Feeld in Dawn mode.
  • We streamlined our community care with a stronger support system and help database for effortless use and more transparency regarding your membership status.
  • We expanded our list of gender options, with further refinement to come.
  • We’re still the same small, independent and ethical organisation.

What’s to come

We are working full speed ahead towards bringing to life more of your feature requests:

  • Photo upload from your camera roll
  • Selecting a custom location
  • Alternative search criteria
  • New Majestic features
  • Alternative authentication method

And more. Follow us here to stay up to date. The Feeld 5.1 app will be continuously distributed to all our Android users in order to ensure a smooth transition for our community. All current members will receive the update in the next days.

With love,
The entire Feeld team

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