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App incident update by Ana Kirova, CEO of Feeld

Ana explains what happened with the app this week

As a Feeld user, you are probably aware that the Feeld app has been down. Our whole team has been furiously working day and night to get it up and running again. We can now say that the problem has been fixed. You should be able to use Feeld again.

I want to share what happened and what we'll do to ensure it doesn't happen again. On Wednesday, August 25th, at around 6.25 pm BST / 1.25 PM EST, the Feeld app started struggling to communicate with our backend database. This effectively meant that when you tried to do something in the app such as logging in, liking someone, or looking at your connections, information wasn't being returned quickly enough to complete the request. Because so many different things were taking so long, the app was struggling and so our Feeld members weren't able to log in.

To fix the problem, we disconnected all the services from our database. We then turned each one back on, allowing a gap between each service so that we could identify which one was causing the issue. Once we found the service in question, we were able to make a change and get the app back up and running.

I want to stress that throughout the incident, the app remained safe and secure. You should now be able to log in, connect and message as usual.

During the incident, we had to disable access to Support temporarily, but we've now reopened our Help Centre and welcome anyone to message us there if you have any outstanding issues or concerns. Alternatively, do email [email protected] and they'll assist you as soon as they're able.

For the loss of access to Feeld over the last day, we are offering you weekend pings on us - three free pings for members, and 10 for Majestic Members. These will be automatically added to your account, and available for the lifetime of your account.

All apps malfunction at some point and technology is complex, but that's not an excuse for our failings of the past 24 hours. We know you trust us to deliver a reliable service, and we want to honour that. Feeld has had its share of technical issues, so we're introducing numerous operational and functional changes to tackle them.

Firstly, we'll be increasing the communication with you, our members. We'll also be notifying you in the app of our product updates. In addition, there'll be our Meet The Team feature on our socials, and a regular blog from the Product Team, all of which mean you'll be able to see what we are doing and keep us accountable.

From the entire team at Feeld, and myself, once again, we are sorry. We appreciate your understanding, love, and support.

Love Ana x

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