Feeld work: an update on the app from Ana Kirova, CEO

Ana sets out her plan for the app

From the day Feeld launched, our mission has always been to connect people beyond the bounds of relationship conventions. It's technology that has allowed us to do that, often facilitating connections in the most unlikely of circumstances.

We know very well that the app doesn't always work as it should. All apps fail at some point and technology is complex, but as a Feeld user myself, I know our app can be temperamental beyond acceptable. 

Recently, we had an incident that took the app down. It's nothing anyone would ever ask for, but it prompted us to push harder and think creatively about how to solve systemic performance issues. We know you trust us to deliver a reliable service, so we're introducing numerous operational and functional changes to tackle them.

We have started multiple initiatives to grow our team, scale our technology and release more frequent app updates so you can see the impact of our work on the app. You can expect some major changes in your experience from the end of this year.

We'll be increasing our communication with you, our members. We will be notifying you in the app of our product updates, all of which are committed to improving the Feeld experience. We are launching a Meet The Team feature on our socials, and starting a regular blog from the Product Team so you can be aware of our progress, and hold us accountable.

I want to stress that even within the incident I mentioned, the app remains safe and secure. We are committed to frequent safety checks and always prioritise the integrity and privacy of your information. Our Help Centre is open and we welcome you to reach us there with any questions, issues or concerns. Alternatively, do email [email protected] and our wonderful team will assist you as soon as they're able to.

For the loss of access to Feeld over the incident, we offered you weekend pings on us - three free pings for members, and 10 for Majestic Members. These were automatically added to your account, and available for the lifetime of your account. From the entire team at Feeld, and myself, we appreciate your continued understanding, love, and support. 

We exist for you and the magical connections you make on Feeld. I'm excited for what's coming next. We are all fully committed to making the Feeld experience one to love both for the people, and the tech which drives it.


Ana x

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