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Sep 10, 2019

Feeld x Hardeman: A Day in the Feeld

On the hottest day of the year Feeld members were out to find a hot date.

In 2019, walking into a bar for a non-heteronormative person can still be daunting. You just don’t know who’d be there, whether they’re open-minded or if their outlook and worldview aligns with yours. This is why we strive to create spaces where members can feel free to be themselves and articulate their desires without fear of judgement.

One of our favourite collaborations this summer was just that: a physical manifestation of the digital safe-space Feeld provides. In a ménage à trois collaboration with Dutch designers Hardeman and concept store 50m, hosted A Day in the Feeld a speed-dating event and showcase of Hardeman’s new ‘Hard Love’ collection.

The evening began with Hardeman’s fashion presentation: an Americana mish-mash of surrealist cowboys and cowgirls in tie-dye tops, pin-stripe jeans and silky off-centre dresses. The models flirted and frolicked carrying red roses on as the audience looked on, prosecco in hand.

Two Hardeman models at 50m for Feeld event

After longing for the looks, it was time to look for love. In a case of life imitating app, the models and members sat down to speed-date, switching place every three minutes to the sound of the bell. As the candlewicks shortened, the room relaxed into conversation. People of all genders, ages and sexualities swapped stories; the couples and the curious, the cowgirls and city boys, the fluid and the free.

Harriet, a new member of the Feeld community, said: ‘The fashion show broke the ice as everyone was so fierce, it made you feel like you could relax. I was speaking to girls and boys tonight; it set off such a nice tone.’ Polyamorous couple, Jesh and Faye, agreed: ‘It was great to meet people who have the same values, and to come somewhere where you don’t have to second guess yourself. We could have conversations on a level without expectations or judgement.’

Amen to that.

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Hardeman models having photoshoot at 50m with Feeld

Words by: Lydia Veljanovski Photography: Julia Hovve

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