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Aug 15, 2019

Feeld x Black Poly Pride

Feeld supported the launch of Black Poly Pride 2019, a weekend conference and party, providing the black and poly community with a space ‘to celebrate their lovestyles and blackness’.

Founded by Chanee Jackson Kendall and Cheri Calico Roman, who also created The Poly Cultural Diversity Alliance, Black Poly Pride was established as an annual community gathering to strengthen bonds and open up conversations that transcend the topic of diversity.

We want to do more than simply be called upon to diversify spaces; our mission is to create, build, support, and grow majority spaces for marginalised people.’ – Chanee Jackson Kendall and Cheri Calico Roman

Feeld supported the launch with discount tickets for attendees and contributors to the event, which took place in the Element Downtown Dallas East hotel and included conferences, mixers and drinks overlooking the Dallas skyline.

One of the highlights was a masculinity-themed panel, during which four men with different polyamorous perspectives and diverse experiences addressed such issues as possessiveness, reprogramming against patriarchy, jealousy, and compersion. Another panel revolved around the importance of mental and sexual healthcare, with participants sharing strategies on how to manage the relationship between the two.

Among the other weekend events was a pool party in Plano, TX, a historically white and affluent Northern suburb of Dallas, complete with trap music and hip hop classics, a large Caribbean brunch and a group spa trip. The afterparties on both nights – a bar crawl and a '90s RnB themed party – were hosted by Dallas based sex positive group ‘Coffee and Heauxs’, where BPP attendees could dance away the night in cowboy hats, short shorts and sparkling cowgirl boots.

As an event that gives a platform to underrepresented voices in the non-monogamous community, we feel that Black Poly Pride is a much needed step towards prioritising and raising awareness of the experience of black and poly humans.

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Black Poly Pride Male Speaker

‘You let her do WHAT: Examinations of Polyamory & Masculinity’.

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