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Feb 16, 2021

Feeld - An Artist's Impression

We always love collaborating with bold, visionary artists. This month we commissioned six artists exploring sexual desire outside the box. Drawing on their personal experiences, each reimagines desire through a Feeld lens.

Marylou Faure

Specialising in character design, bold colours and graphic compositions, French Illustrator and artist Marylou Faure aspires to create artwork that invokes joy.

Marylou Faure

'I wanted to focus on the female orgasm and sexual enjoyment. I was inspired to represent the exploration of the female pleasure, visualising its depth and different layers through the analogy of a flower.' - Marylou Faure

Sonia Lazo

Lazo is an illustrator and tattoo artist from El Salvador. Their work is an exploration of magic, colours, emotions, identity, and silly creatures. They also have their own brand as part of which they make clothes and different types of products with their art.

Sonia Lazo

'This piece is about self exploration and picturing yourself as strong, sexy and dominant.' - Sonia Lazo

Kim Thompson

Thompson is a UK based illustrator and print artist. Her work is a visual love letter to both retro kitsch and Afro-futurism, centring bold characters and themes of empowerment.

Kim Thompson

'This piece was inspired by the notion that beauty, confidence and joy are unlocked via sexual liberation.' - Kim Thompson

Natasha Duke

Duke is a visual artist from Russia specialising in illustrations and animated videos. Her work combines the influence of street culture with graffiti and comic book style imagery.


'I've created an image that shows tenderness, movement and passion - to reflect a mood of romance and beauty.' - Natasha Duke

Bàrbara Malagoli

Malagoli is multidisciplinary artist focused on Illustration and Visual Arts based in London.

Bárbara Malagoli

'I wanted to create a utopian world where these relationships are natural and are not judged. A place in the mind when you feel totally taken by the moment.' - Bàrbara Malagoli

Happy D

Happy is a painter & illustrator specializing in portraits of ethereal maidens in surreal worlds.

Happy D

'I wanted the string shown in the image to symbolise a dom/sub power dynamic without being too overtly sexual. Connecting them together like this conveys trust, connection, and intimacy.' - Happy D

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