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Mar 29, 2019

Feeld Community: Supporting Kai and Naeem's top surgery fund

Naeem Davis is the co founder of BBZ London, a curatorial collective and club night that centres queer trans and non binary people of colour.

Kai-Isaiah Jamal is a spoken word poet/performer and writer who builds dialogue on often 'unspoken' subjects.

Together they give their personal stories, time and energy to positively impact their community, constantly trying to change the narratives of representation for trans men and masc presenting folk.

In February, their community lovingly helped them launch a campaign to raise the funds for life-changing top surgery, a procedure that Kai explains will allow him to feel his body 'at rest for the first time.'

Unfortunately trans people face long NHS waiting lists for procedures, 2-4 years in some cases, with patients facing a healthcare system that often isn’t trained in dealing with trans identity. Being able to afford private procedures offers patients a level of privacy and autonomy, but at an often unaffordable price.

The GoFundMe campaign was created in response to this. Boosted by a launch party at Islington's infamous Garage club, SHOW LUV, (hosted by BBZ and Pxssy Palace) brought together the whole community, solid in their support for the fundraiser and what the money raised will mean to their beloved community champions.

Feeld showed their support with a Show Luv Speed Social, a cosy little get together for like-minded humans to bond before the main event. This gave community members the perfect chance to make plenty of new connections in a safe and inclusive environment.

The overall turnout was testament to the support Kai and Naeem have from their friendship group. A massive £10k was raised for the campaign by the time the night ended; a truly awe-inspiring achievement.

SHOW LUV created a space that championed love in all its forms, bringing an already tight community even closer.

You can read more about Kai & Naeem’s story in this article published by Dazed Beauty.

If you would like to show your support and donate to the fundraiser, you can do so here.

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