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Oct 31, 2019

Mal Issue 4: Real Girls

The latest issue of the literary journal features Chris Kraus, Natasha Stagg, Luke Brown, Rachel Long and Sasha Dugdale.

Issue 4: Real Girls

Published earlier this month, Mal Journal’s Issue 4 considers projection, transgression and adolescence. Featuring new fiction by Chris Kraus, Luke Brown and Natasha Stagg alongside work by emerging poet Rachel Long, a sequence of poems by Sasha Dugdale, and illustrations by Birdie Hall, the issue places these texts in a productive and sometimes contradictory dialogue. From a vivid snapshot of contemporary sexual politics in Brown’s ‘Beyond Criticism’ to a recollection of the long and obscure afterlife of adolescent sexuality in Chris Kraus’s ‘Absolute Love’, issue 4 brings together voices that challenge received notions of innocence and moral reasoning. In her four poems, Rachel Long conveys the shame, thrill and bodily confusion that run through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. In a sequence of poems, Sasha Dugdale draws from the writings and diaries of artist Eric Gill reflecting on his sexual abuse of his daughters. Hers is a project of finding a language that is ‘good for recording disaster’.

In addition to Issue 4, all of Mal’s back issues are now available in print. From Anne Boyer’s essay on epic crushes in Issue 1 to Sheila Heti’s short story ‘God’s Love’ in Issue 2, you can now read all of Mal in print.

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Illustration by Birdie Hall

Ilustration by Birdie Hall for Mal Journal Issue 4: ‘Real Girls’

Four spreads from different pages of Mal Journal Issue 4: 'Real Girls'

Mal Journal Issue 4: ‘Real Girls’ preview

Award nominations for Mal

In other news, Mal has also recently been nominated for four Stack awards!
These include: Launch of the YearEditor of the YearBest Original Fiction for Luke Brown’s ‘Beyond Criticism’ in issue 4, Best Original Non-Fiction for Fiona Alison Duncan’s ‘Phoenix Goddess Temple’ in issue 2.

Keep your fingers crossed for Mal on 14 November when the winners will be announced 🤞

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