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Mar 2, 2021

#MyVirtualThreeway: Your Stories

We asked Feeld members to share their favourite virtual threeway stories.

Fantasies and desires are sometimes far removed from the reality of our intimate lives. But even at a time of distance, our desire to explore does not recede, and nor does it need to. In fact, it's been the perfect time to test some of your desires without the commitment of meeting someone face to face.

We asked our members to share their stories of the spiciest virtual experiences they had via Feeld. We got anything from pro tips on the best device to use to advice on finding your humans in virtual cores. We loved every story and selected a few to share with you.

Global audience

‘I played with my partner in a virtual party with 40 people watching online in the UK & US.’ – B., Male

‘We met in a virtual core’

‘I found a super sexy couple on Feeld and we did a video call. We spent some time flirting on the cam before the ladies undressed into some lingerie. After that things got incredibly sexy as I watched them. We met in a virtual core, but I was surprised to find that they live in the same country and only a few states away. Maybe one day we’ll meet IRL and play all together!’ – S., Female, Heteroflexible

‘It was super hot...and it's definitely intimate’

‘I had been looking for more intimacy all over the internet, and a couple from New York reached out! I told them I didn’t think I was the right fit but they were encouraging and said they just wanted to send some pics! After they sent steamy pics and videos, I sent my own and then we were at it ... even reaching orgasm together! It was super hot and when the timing is right, it's definitely intimate!’ – J., Male, Heterosexual

‘Pretty soon we were all naked on-camera’

‘My friends K and J are married and live in another state. We've very open about our sex lives but we've never done anything sexual with each other. We were having a very explicit conversation over zoom which was turning the three of us on. Pretty soon we were all naked on-camera and really enjoying ourselves. Since I was the long distance player I mostly gave them suggestions on what they could do next’ – Anonymous, Male, Bisexual/pansexual/queer

‘Pro tip...use a cell phone’

‘My pro tip for virtual threesomes is to use a cell phone. The camera quality is higher and the device is smaller so we were able to show our onlooker angles of our fun that would have been cumbersome with a laptop. My partner and I have also talked about incorporating our remote-controlled toy so that whoever isn’t in the room can still participate’ – A., Female, Bisexual

‘It started with a few cheeky clips’

‘We connected with a hot and genuine guy who enjoyed being watched whilst he got off. It started with a few cheeky clips, then we had a live call where we were all chatting and getting off together. We’ve done this a few times, and one time he really wanted to see us kiss as he played with himself. We gave him a treat with a brief view of one of us slowly and sensually pleasuring each other’ – Anonymous, Male, Gay

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