Double standards and discrimination - failure to evolve at transferwise

November 13, 2016

Discrimination by financial institutions towards adult-themed businesses is well documented.

Many of us wouldn't be surprised to hear about it from ancient bohemoths like JPMorgan Chase, Visa, Mastercard - but from Square, Paypal and now TransferWise? Companies aimed at disruption - that's frustrating.

More than just frustrating, its indicative of double standards, especially at TransferWise. TransferWise recently refused Feeld a business account categorizing our dating app as "adult content".

This is after the company has led stunts in major cities, including Feeld and TransferWise's own home of London, where young people run through the streets in their under garments.

A cheap ploy to get attention - aka young sexy people barely dressed - is apparently more acceptable to TransferWise Leadership than a start-up that is helping people find connections and explore relationships on their own terms.

I can't decide which is more pathetic by TransferWise. Their inability to see the bigger picture when it comes to a society evolving into more open-minded and less repressed relationships and identities or their uninspired frat-style stunt.

It's not only the discrimination we need to fight. Its the double standards in a world where woman can be half naked in movies and billboards, but a dating app without any adult content and 20 options to identify your sexuality is "bad business".

I just hope those of us evolved enough to see past this can continue to support those who are looking to exist beyond this mass-consumer imposed limitations and celebrate our individuality, humanity and beauty.