Feeld 5.1.0

We've been busy since we released 5.0, and with this update we are bringing you usability and performance improvements + a few surprises.

  • Majestic humans, lovers of the night, we present to you the Dawn theme. For low light conditions, select Dawn from Settings.
  • Bicurious humans, you have always been welcome, but we've made it official. Bicurious is now selectable on our Sexuality list.
  • Discover a redesigned screen for viewing pages in the app.
  • We've also redesigned Settings so you can easily find what you're looking for.
  • We've improved how Interests and Desires tags work.
  • You can follow what's on by checking Feeld Events.
  • We've improved design of the Majestic settings screen.
  • More behind the scenes performance tweaks.

Product Update
November 10, 2018