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Nov 16, 2022

Feeld at Web Summit Lisbon 2022

Our CEO Ana Kirova spoke at this year's Web Summit where Feeld threw a "Play the Feeld" after-party for connecting without business cards.

We loved taking part in this year’s Web Summit Lisbon 2022 alongside the most visionary companies and people redefining the global tech industry. Our CEO Ana Kirova joined the Future Societies Stage to talk about the future of dating, and we couldn't resist throwing a little (anti-networking) party to mark the occasion. 

On Stage

In conversation with political reporter Judith Nwandu, Feeld CEO Ana Kirova took the stage at Altice Arena to talk about the origin of the app, the evolution of sexuality and relationships and why the future of dating is about staying curious. 

“We offer a space to explore, rather than a space with a single destination. Most other apps offer you the goal of finding the one, and you join with the idea that there’s one person out there who is perfect for you. We offer a space for those who are open-minded and for whom curiosity is the main driver.”

On how Feeld’s work culture is influenced by our values, she said:

“Being human and respectful and allowing people space to be themselves is at the core of our culture. We have a few different policies that reflect this, and we’re really grounded in our values. We’ve always been remote since day one; we want people to be themselves and do their best work, and we give them the freedom to do it.”

“Approaching people with curiosity is what can make life feel colorful…our community talk about experiencing the joy and freedom of not always having to fit into a box.”

After Hours

We also hosted Play the Feeld, an anti-networking Web Summit after-party at Polo de Inovação Social da Mitra where conferences attendees could gain entry with their Feeld profile and join an exclusive party group chat. 

Thank you to Web Summit for having us. Keep an eye on our social channels for our next event. 

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