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Feb 12, 2021

February Horoscopes

'With both Valentines Day and Mercury retrograde taking place this month,' writes our astrologer Amani Richardson, 'you might expect February to feel like a bust. Believe it or not, the odds are still in your favour.'

Welcome to the very first monthly instalment of Feeld Sexscopes. February is the month of stepping outside of your comfort zone, dating beyond your traditional standards and being wooed in ways you never thought imaginable. With both Valentines Day and Mercury retrograde taking place this month, you might expect this month to feel like a bust. Believe it or not, the odds are all in your favour if you tap into the self-preserving and intellectual energy of Aquarius during the first half of the month. Aquarius season will encourage us to meddle on what we truly want out of our relationships and how we can ensure that we do cum first. 

Once the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18th, expect erotic dreams and instant arousal at the slightest touch or thought of what your partner(s) would do to you. Pisces season will naturally bring out the feels in all of us, but that won’t stop anyone from going after our desires. One important lesson we can learn during dreamy Pisces season is to remove the rose-coloured glasses. You know your worth and it’s important not to let anyone sweet talk you into something that intuitively doesn’t feel right. Setting boundaries and knowing your limits is the name of the game the second part of the month.


If you’re single and ready to mingle, the start of this month is a beautiful time to shoot your shot and keep your options open. Learn to embrace the quirky, unique sides of those you meet this month. You’ll find yourself getting turned on by the things you never thought would once get you aroused. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Once Pisces season rolls around towards mid-February, you’ll notice that you’ll want to take things a bit slower. If deep, slow and steady sex isn’t your jam, you’re in for a treat that will fulfil an area of your sex life that you never knew could be awakened.


The first half of February might feel like a tug of war between building the career of your dreams, but also yearning for an equally healthy and successful relationship with someone you’ve had your eyes on for some time. Patience is key as you start off this month. The more you pour into doing what you love, the more that passionate energy radiates and connects you with someone who brings that same fire into your life. Once Pisces season begins on the 18th, things will start to lighten up for you.


Maybe you’re not 100% sure who has your best interest at heart right now. There is nothing wrong with that. With both Venus and the Sun highlighting your 9th house of exploration and adventure, it is time to experiment with something you've tried before. With Mars, the planet of lust and sex resting in your 12th house of healing and closure, you owe it to yourself to set boundaries and move on from those who don’t care to stimulate your mind before trying to get into your pants. You deserve to be simulated on all fronts. Don’t settle just because you are horny.


Sex with you this month is going to be one to remember. With both the sun and Venus resting in your 8th house of sex, the bedroom is your playground. Aquarius season will have you wanting to reinvent it. The same old sweet or dirty talk just won’t cut it for you anymore. Instead, you prefer to be blind-folded and tied up while all your senses are being stimulated gradually. No matter what room you walk in this month, you exude sex appeal and everyone wants a taste. Once Pisces season begins on the 18th, you never know who you might meet via dating apps or through a casual trip to the grocery store. Just know that whoever catches your attention will take pride in exploring every inch of your body. Release control and let them blow your mind.


This month you’re craving deep intimate connections. So much so, you might be willing to make commitments. Keep in mind that good things take time and not to rush the process. With Mars in Taurus highlighting your 10th house of career you might find yourself exhausted after work most days. What you need are people who can take the lead and meet you right where you are. You will appreciate a person who can send you a text that reads 'be there by 9pm', versus you having to plan and orchestrate every date. Simplicity is key for you. While you enjoy the finer things in life, you will notice what matters more to you this month is someone wanting to invest their time, energy and emotion into you more than the fancy rooftop dinners and endless gifts. Once the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18th, the intimate connections that you’ve been building with that special someone will pay off in the bedroom. With your 8th house of sex being highlighted during Pisces season, get ready for some tantalising, toe-curling experiences.


Since the beginning of this month, you’ve noticed that work is taking up the majority of your time, which might feel a bit frustrating if you’re longing for some 'me time' or trying to implement better work-life balance. The key to getting through long work days might be taking quick breaks and rewarding yourself by playing with your new toy(s) or offering yourself some self-pleasure after checking off a few things on your to-do list. This will change the tone of your week – you deserve it! As Venus in Aquarius highlights your 6th house of your mental and physical health, you will enjoy soothing massages from your partner(s). What you need during the first half of the month is top tier TLC. Self-care should be a priority for you. Taking hot bubble baths and romancing yourself in all the ways is key. Once Pisces season begins, you won’t be able to keep your mind off your crush. You might be ready to confess your love for that special someone or even make it official. Before anything, make sure the feelings’ mutual. Mercury retrograde can make communication a bit fuzzy for you.


Nothing but playful, tender, love and care is on your side this month. Allow someone else to do things for you; things that make you smile and laugh more. Sex should feel like a breath of fresh air for you. During the rest of Aquarius season, you are in for a treat of fiery, passionate love-making. If you like it slow and steady, get ready for nights filled with gripping the headboard or  your partner(s) back while gasping for air. Once Pisces season begins on the 18th, you may want to tone things down a bit. All Aquarius season your DMs have been flooded with potential connections wanting a piece of you. Pisces season encourages you to set boundaries and only entertain those who respect your need for alone time to take care of yourself mentally and physically. If you insist on casually dating or having sex this season, aftercare is incredibly important. Are they offering you a glass of water to hydrate? Are they running you a warm bath to help soothe your body after endless rounds through the night? The little things are important. The way you prioritise taking care of yourself should be mirrored in those you choose to sleep with.


During Aquarius season, you’re in no rush for sex or getting busy with your partner(s). Instead, you’d prefer warm cuddles on the couch with takeout on the way. With both the sun and Venus highlighting your 4th house of home and your inner world, you will thoroughly enjoy a date night at home where you can be your most vulnerable self. If you’re single during Aquarius season, perhaps looking through dating apps and setting up virtual dates to get to know someone could be a great start. Pick a movie, find a snack you both enjoy and press play at the same time so that you’re in sync. Once dreamy Pisces season begins, you’ll notice yourself daydreaming about the intimacy you’ve been craving after being in the house the first half of the month. If you’re still not interested in putting yourself out there, Pisces season will make a great time for you to indulge in self-pleasure and explore your body in ways that once felt uncomfortable. If you’re actively looking for a connection, get ready for them all to fall in line. With your 5th house of romantic relationships being activated, know that you won’t have to look too far. Someone has been waiting on the perfect moment to approach you.


Whether you enjoy receiving or giving oral sex, Aquarius season is ready to bring you to climax through this act. With both the Sun and Venus activating your 3rd house of the throat chakra, communication and how you verbally express yourself, expect there to be lots of dirty talk and tongue action going on. However, as Mercury is also retrograde in Aquarius, make it your priority to over communicate your needs. How fast or slow do you want it? Once the sun shifts into Pisces, enjoy all the lovemaking in every corner of your home. Perhaps you can spice up what’s on the menu for dinner by wearing little to nothing or being the only serving for dessert. Naturally, Pisces season will bring out all the feels, leaving you to reflect on your past and wanting to spend some time alone. Pisces is a great season for you to unplug from the world and give yourself all the rest and relaxation you need. Rest is restorative. Rest is an ultimate act of self-love. Listen closely to the parts of you that just need a moment to breathe and return home to yourself.


For the past few months, Venus has rested in your sign and your relationship sector has been in the spotlight. Now that Venus has shifted out of your sign and into Aquarius at the start of this month, it wouldn’t hurt to focus your energy on dating yourself. What do you truly value within your relationships? How can you focus more on your self values? You owe it to yourself to romance yourself this month. If you are in a relationship, take a step back and look at how much you’ve contributed to your union. Allow someone else to pour into you and show you the finer things in life. Once the sun shifts into Pisces, this makes a great time to experiment and try something new in your relationship. Ever thought about having a threesome? Maybe an open relationship? As your 3rd house of communication is being highlighted, those risky thoughts or ideas you’ve always had but shied away from – give them a chance.


Happy Solar return, Aquarius! The month of February is filled with surprises left and right. Open yourself up to meeting new people and stepping out of your comfort zone. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all resting in your sign, it might feel like everyone has the hots for you. Rightfully so, you deserve to be choosy with whom you invest your precious time and energy with. With Mercury retrograde in your sign, be weary of others’ intentions towards you. If casual sex just feels like your vibe during your season, know that you won’t have to look far for it. Once the sun shifts out of your sign and into Pisces on the 18th, start thinking about what you really want in your relationships. After a season of fun and wild sexscapades, what will truly make you happy? As you shift the focus towards your needs and desires, remember not to lose yourself in the chase. You are worth much more than chasing after others who don’t wish to be kept. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you or ruin a good thing.


While you might not be feeling all soft inside during the first half of the month, that doesn't mean you have to starve yourself of sexual pleasure. Out of everyone, you’re the one with the most sexual tension built up and yearning for some way to release it. Pleasuring yourself in the ways you wish someone else would is the key. It might sound cliche, but self-love can be the best love for you during Aquarius season. Allow yourself time to heal from situationships that you thought would be everything but only fell through the cracks. Not all is lost though… Once the sun enters your sign on February 18th, you will feel like an entirely new being. Get ready to welcome in the flood of potential connections! A lot can happen for you during your season, but the goal is for you to be diligent in working and pouring into yourself when it feels like no one is watching during Aquarius season. You don’t have to commit to anyone just because they want you to. Enjoy the moment.

Amani Richardson, Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon and Leo rising, is a cosmic enthusiast, with a niche for all things self-care, mental health and beauty for Black women. She spends most of her time writing up horoscopes and exploring new ways to take care of her mental health. You can connect with her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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