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Mar 11, 2021

March Horoscopes

'Pisces season is in full effect and March is the perfect month to turn your dreams and fantasies into reality.' Writes our astrologer Amani Richardson.

By Amani Richardson

Pisces season is in full effect and March is the perfect month to turn your dreams and fantasies into reality. As the dreamy, water sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusions, spirituality and boundaries. Think blindfolds, pushing past your boundaries in the bedroom and exploring BDSM for the first time. Anything is possible during Pisces season as long as you feel emotionally safe with your partner(s). Once Mars, the planet of sex, lust and aggression moves into Gemini on March 5th, get ready to explore new ways of communicating your sexual desires. Sending nudes and sexting is one thing, but have you ever had a virtual threesome? Mars in Gemini is encouraging us all to speak up for our sexual desires. Whether you’re ready to become more dominant with your partner(s) and take the lead or you’re exhausted from exerting all of your energy and rather play a more submissive role in the bedroom, Pisces season encourages you not to take action and transform your sex life entirely.

Below are your sexscopes for the month of March. Be sure to read for your sun, moon and rising signs for the most accurate reading. Enjoy!


As you gear up for your birthday season, at times you might not feel like you’re 100% in the mood to turn things up a notch. That’s okay, instead allow others to try new tricks on you. Try calling your crush on Facetime, then blindfold yourself and follow every last one of their commands as they help guide you to orgasm. If you’re looking for something a bit more kinky, try using either a large or smaller object at home and explore how gagging makes you feel. With Mars in Gemini highlighting your throat chakra and how you express yourself through communication this is the perfect time to try.


While you often enjoy the silence and comfort of being in your own home, Pisces season is bringing out another side of you this month. With your 11th house of friendships and your social network being highlighted, it’s time to start actively looking for your first virtual threesome partners. You might find that even your close friends are down to have a virtual threesome with you for the first time.

With the 11th house being ruled by technology, turn up your virtual threesome experience and get kinky by trying out electrostimulation. While Mercury is no longer retrograde, it’s still important to be extremely careful. Perhaps start small by using a vibrator that your partners can control while on the video chat.


Once Mars shifts into your sign this month, you’re very much feeling like being the center of attention. While everyone has googly eyes for you this month, take advantage by dominating your partner(s). Virtual threesomes are definitely something you might enjoy naturally. Your curious mind lives for watching everyone climax all at once. With your 10th house of reputation being highlighted this month, this makes the perfect time to tap into pure domme energy. You get to give commands, bring out the whips and push others to their limits. Have everyone call you dirty, slutty names if it turns you on. Just don’t take it too far or get beside yourself. Gradually ease into it.


You’re craving for something new this month, Cancer. You’re already thinking about what tricks you should pull out of your toolbox next. Perhaps impact play if a great way to turn your bedroom into your playground. Call up your crush or potential bae(s) on a threeway and play a game of ‘Never Have I Ever.’ For each time you have or haven’t done something that they’ve mentioned, you must give yourself a good spanking with whatever object you desire, until they say stop. Remember to choose a safe word to protect yourself and your limits. You get to make the rules. Enjoy!


Whew, Leo. This month you’re feeling incredibly hornier than ever with your eighth house of sex being highlighted for majority of the month. While you’re craving back to back orgasms, your partner(s), might not be able to keep up. Instead, they might try to incorporate bondage and handcuff both your wrists and ankles to make sure you keep your hands off and let them have their way with you. Think of it as your partner(s), starving your sexual desires, which in turn, turn you on even more to the point where you’re begging for more. Don’t back down now, this is exactly what you wanted, Leo.


With your seventh house of marriage and commitments being activated this month, bringing in someone new for a threesome, might turn you off. Instead, you rather build a solid foundation with those you’ve taken the time to truly build a special relationship with. While that’s totally fine, it doesn’t hurt to try something new together. While you’ve probably built great trust together, it’s time to test it out in the bedroom. Whipping is a great starting point. Do you trust your partner(s) to whip you just until you cum or will they take it a bit overboard?


If nothing else, all you desire this month is warm bubble baths and candles lit with a sensual playlist to keep the vibes just right. With your sixth house of mental and physical health being activated, you’re down for anything that’ll make your mind and body feel at total ease. Ever explored playing with hot wax? Order both you and your potential bae(s) some sex wax or massage candles and call one another up to test out the wax together. At first, you might be a little nervous, but trust your body and take your time finding all the right places in which you can take a little heat. Allow the warm wax to soothe and calm your body.


With your fifth house of creative self-expression and romantic relationships being activated during Pisces season, tapping into your inner child and doing some role playing with your partner(s) might be something new you can try this month. As Leo is also the ruler of the fifth house, you’ll find yourself feeling incredibly sexy when all eyes are on you. Maybe you’ve never had a threesome, but there’s nothing wrong with calling a few people on FaceTime or Zoom to watch you and your lover(s), rock each other’s world. Voyeurism might feel a little awkward at first, but deep down inside, you want everyone to know just how nasty you get when you’re in the bedroom.


Home is where the heart is, Sagittarius. With your fourth house of home and family being highlighted this month, role playing and playing ‘house’ with your partner(s) could be something new to try. Spice things up by nibbling and biting on one another for dessert when it’s time for dinner. To go even deeper, before it’s time to shower and wine down for the night, set up a FaceTime date while you both watch each other urinate in the shower. Golden showers don’t only have to be done in person, ya know? Afterwards, watch each other rub yourselves down and lather up in a warm bubble bath to end the night.


With your third house of communication being activated all month long, it’s important that you speak up for yourself in the bedroom. When it comes to sex your natural boss-like energy takes the backseat as you desire to play a more submissive role after calling all the shots at work. This month, you’re in for a wild surprise. Be on the lookout for a risque text or calendar invite to join a virtual sex party. Bring butt plugs, or a sex swing to the party to take you a little out of your element if you’ve never used them before. Bring anything that’ll make you moan to the top of your lungs and have your neighbors intrigued.


Now that Aquarius season is over and the sun has shifted into Pisces, this month is all about reflecting and manifesting newness in your life. With your second house of your finances and self-value being highlighted, splurge on some new sex toys that you’d like your partner(s) to use on you. Additionally, you can try something new like sending feet pics or sending your undergarments through the mail to make a little extra cash. You’ll be surprised at how many have a foot fetish or crave smelling your aroma through your drawers. Have a little fun and spice it up when you can!


Happy birthday Pisces! This month is all about you and you are the star of the show. It’s time to step out of your shell and wow everyone with your tantalizing sex appeal. While you might be settling for a virtual birthday party, take it upon yourself to text your potential bae(s) and set up a secret zoom to show off your birthday suit without giving them any hints of what trick you have up your sleeve. Once they arrive on the call, start to undress and begin playing with yourself. Notice their facial expressions and how they simply can’t keep their eyes off you. That’s one birthday to remember!

Amani Richardson, Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon and Leo rising, is a cosmic enthusiast, with a niche for all things self-care, mental health and beauty for Black women. She spends most of her time writing up horoscopes and exploring new ways to take care of her mental health. You can connect with her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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