Sep 26, 2022

Feeld Interviews: Jasmine Jackson

As part of our interview series One Night Stands, Portland-based creative Jasmine Jackson tells us about deep emotion, cosy hoodies, and desire that transcends the physical.

Questions of desire and pleasure are everywhere around us, and they are most exciting when we explore them with openness and imagination. In our new interview series, One Night Stands, we put a few playful questions to creatives who we believe are interrogating these questions in the boldest ways – whether through writing, film, art, or other mediums.

Introducing Jasmine Jackson: a Black, queer, and non-binary creative (they/them), who loves to produce vulnerable stories through video. Jasmine works to challenge the discomfort of viewers – as their work often boldly centers marginalized communities, some of which make up the intersections of their own identity. They encourage others to lean into the boldness and discomfort of their work. With intersectionality being at the forefront of their work, they hope for it to serve as comfort to viewers who share those intersections and/or the stories produced. 

My love language is

It’s gotta be cooking for loved ones, writing letters/poems, or sharing a favorite something of mine – be it food, a place, or an activity.

Pure pleasure for me is

Living in moments with people who make me feel an entire body’s worth of emotion(s) – so much so, that I take a moment to write about it in the bathroom at a party or at the end of the night in my bed (true story).

I can date the days that have made me feel overwhelmingly happy, sometimes sad, or just introspective. I find pleasure in documenting the existence of loved ones around me, creating memories safely kept and remembered. 

I feel good when I’m wearing

A hoodie with nice fabric – I’m a sucker for a good hoodie. I have a separate rack for just hoodies alone. 

I feel most connected to myself when

I get a new tattoo. 

My most niche kink is

Having a clean space – nothing like the smell of fresh linens, a clean car space, or a showered body *chef’s kiss*.

One thing I’ve learned about desire is

Its ability to take form in more ways than one – learning that desire has range and can transcend beyond the physical has changed my sense of connecting with people. 


I’ve always wanted to

Skydive or ride a horse!

My best date was

As someone who’s non-monogamous, this one is tough! I’ve had many good ones, and I’m always trying to give the best dates as opposed to receiving them, so there’s that. 

On my nightstand you’ll always find

An incense burning, maybe a few crafted gifts made for me (since I love heartfelt letters and homemade items), a couple of books about something gay or Black or both – and my mini brown cow-printed bong, hehe.

I always gather inspiration from

A fruitful conversation; a good film; a well-put together music video; songs that spark moving visuals in my head.

My ideal/fantasy relationship is

I’d like to think that the connections I’ve had, have, and continue to have are all contributive to the “ideal” relationship(s) meant to happen to me, and to be in my life. I’m very happy with the partner in my life at the moment.

My style/life icons are

Too many to think of and name, but Issa Rae is definitely one of them.

You can usually find me

Minding my own business, whenever and however I can.

Recently I’ve discovered

That I really enjoy brown sugar milk boba tea!

I wish more people knew

A lot of trends, fashion, language, and more are derivative of the Black community – which, in my eyes, is the blueprint for most folks I meet whose language is rooted in AAVE (African American Vernacular English), and whose fashion/appropriative hairstyling is “inspired” by Black culture. 

It’s not so much that people don’t “know” this, but more about their active neglect in acknowledging a culture that is constantly being stripped from but hardly ever respected – let alone as human beings, throughout the many systems pitted against us. 

I wish more people knew how annoying it is to grow up in a culture that is constantly being imitated in a multitude of ways – and having that same community (myself included), have to fight for respect from folks who fail to see that most of their personality make-up is nothing short of an imitation. 

I love sharing

Music, knowledge, and my time.  

The thing I couldn’t do without

It sounds silly to say, but my water bottle – I take it wherever I go. That, and probably hand sanitizer? I personally loved to have that, even prior to the pandemic.

The work of art that changed everything for me is

This one is so hard, but to name just a couple: Insecure and Moonlight.

The best advice I’ve ever received is

I had a professor tell me there are three kinds of important conversations. The first [type] is the one you have with yourself (how you feed your brain, self-talk etc.), the second are the ones you have with others, and the third ones are the ones others have about you, in your absence. While the first two are more in your control (all things considered), the third one is still on the basis of the first two, and all of them are rooted in character. You’re constantly training people how to respond to you. 

I’m most looking forward to

Top surgery :)

I’m most turned on by

Transparent people, who are just themselves any[where] and everywhere around anyone – I love people who speak their minds bluntly. That, and just gay shit. All things gay, I love. 

Jasmine Jackson is a Black, queer, and non-binary creative (they/them), who loves to produce vulnerable stories through video. Jasmine works to challenge the discomfort of viewers – as their work often boldly centers marginalized communities, some of which make up the intersections of their own identity.

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