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Sep 22, 2022

Feeld Interviews: Mistress Viola

As part of our interview series One Night Stands, Viola Parker – aka Mistress Viola – tells us about swimming naked, growing tomatoes, kink parties and, of course, her nightstand.

Questions of desire and pleasure are everywhere around us, and they are most exciting when we explore them with openness and imagination. In our new interview series, One Night Stands, we put a few playful questions to creatives who we believe are interrogating these questions in the boldest ways – whether through writing, film, art, or other mediums.

Introducing Viola Parker, a Portland-based dominatrix and founder of the fetish space Sub Rosa PDX, who started her career in San Francisco. With a belief in the power of BDSM to transform, she teaches workshops and offers private sessions.

My love language is

Acts of service and words of affirmation.

Pure pleasure for me is

Swimming naked in clear blue waters.

I feel good when I’m wearing

Corset, heels, stockings.

I feel most connected to myself when

I’m immersed in bodies of water or sitting by the sea with my feet in the sand.

My most niche kink is

Ha, too many to list – maybe giantess fantasies and dollification.

One thing I’ve learned about desire is

It changes and evolves, ebbs and flows.

I’ve always wanted to

Travel along the Italian coastline to Sicily and visit the birthplaces of my Sicilian grandparents. 

My best date was

Honestly, when I met my life partner. 

On my nightstand you’ll always find

My vibrator, books, lip balm.

I always gather inspiration from

The powerful femmes in my life. 

My ideal/fantasy relationship is

I wake up in a real nice house with a hot-tub, and all my student loans are paid off, and my closet is organized.

I’m currently listening to/watching/reading

Every episode of the You’re Wrong About podcast; How to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollen; and a novel called Siren Queen by Nghi Vo. 

My style/life icon is 

Isabella Rossellini in Death Becomes Her – ageless and powerful. She’s a femdom archetype for me.

You can usually find me 

At Sub Rosa restraining someone to the bondage wall; at Sanctuary hosting kink parties; or at the river beach.

Recently I’ve discovered

Gardening and growing herbs and tomatoes is extremely rewarding, calming, and balancing.

I wish more people knew

That sex workers and educators are doing important work. That sex work is real work. That our bodies will not be controlled by the government. 

I love sharing

Food, drinks, my dungeon, ideas, energy.

The thing I couldn’t do without

Community and collaboration.

I currently can’t get enough of

Foot rubs.

The work of art that changed everything for me is

Nina Simone’s music, her voice, her strength.

The best advice I’ve ever received is 

Let go. Breathe deeply. Stay present. 

The last thing I loved was

Giant walls of ice. I recently visited a glowing otherworldly blue glacier in south-east Alaska, and listened to it make thundering cracking noises while the seals rolled around on icebergs below. 

I’m most looking forward to

Traveling, adventure, what’s next for my business and expansion.

I’m most turned on by

A really good laugh, confidence, juicy butts.

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