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Aug 11, 2022

Profile Portraits and Bios with FISK

Make your Feeld profile the best reflection of you with a custom portrait and objective profile feedback at our next Faces of Feeld Studio in Portland.

Did you know that adding at least three photos to your profile and at least 10 words in your About section can increase your chances of connecting with a human by up to 50 per cent?

We want our Portland community to show their best side when dating on Feeld and are thrilled to announce a new partnership with FISK who will host our next edition of Faces of Feeld Studio on 16 August 2022. Feeld members are invited for an afternoon-till-late session to have their portrait taken by Molly Strohl and their profile expertly reviewed by Sarah Ruby Armstrong.

Molly Strohl is a Portland based photographer and works across portraiture, still lives, and moving image, creating "snippets of surreality" that reveal the escapist and sensual dimensions of fleeting moments.

Sarah Ruby Armstrong is an artist and consultant that enjoys deep conversations with people, especially about their dating profiles. Sarah has made a series of flyers about dating app profiles advice that got some attention. Feeld members will get a chance to meet her in person and have their profile undergo her custom Friendly Objective Feedback.

FISK is a creative practice focused on the enhancement of art and design in our daily lives. As a cohort they craft thoughtful experiences for physical and digital spaces in collaboration with clients, friends, artists and the greater community, utilizing graphic design, websites, objects, and physical spaces to visualize their ideas.

What to expect

16 August 2022 at FISK

3 to 8pm—Faces of Feeld Studio portrait and profile feedback sessions (make sure to book your spot).

7 to 10pm—Drinks and DJs, free entry.

See you there, PDX.

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