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Jul 20, 2021

Feeld's CEO Ana Kirova interviewed in Elle UK

A seminal moment for ‘the world's most progressive dating app’ and its female CEO

In the July edition of Elle UK magazine, Feeld's CEO Ana Kirova is interviewed by Becky Burgum, all about her vision for the future of dating, confirming that ‘Kirova is here to do things differently’.

As well as sharing Kirova's personal story connecting her with Feeld, the feature looks at the growth of the app and the open philosophy of the business which is paramount to its success. Elle UK goes on to describe Feeld as ‘the world's most progressive dating app’.

Equally applicable to Feeld's working culture as to its dating culture, in the conclusion of the interview, Kirova explains why ‘I believe in Feeld so much. It’s the place where you can begin to consider the possibility of change.’

You can read the full feature over at Elle UK now.

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