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Aug 29, 2022

How to create a 🔥 Feeld profile…in Portland

Creating a perfect dating profile isn’t magic – but it does require intention and care. To help you create a true reflection of what makes you you, we asked two Portland-based creatives for their tips on crafting a Feeld profile in PDX.

Creating perfect profile photos by Molly Strohl

*Molly Strohl is a photographer obsessed with motion and bringing still images to life, based in Portland, OR. She works across portraiture, still lives, and moving image, creating “snippets of surreality” that reveal the escapist and sensual dimensions of fleeting moments. You can find out more about the things Molly loves here.*

Clean your camera

Wipe off those grease filters, folks! Wondering why your photos always look weirdly fuzzy? Our hands are all over our phones, and the camera lenses are not immune. For clearer photos, give them a quick wipe with a cloth before you have a selfie sesh!

Switch up front for rear

Pro-tip – your rear-facing camera produces better quality photos than the front-facing one! It might take a bit of practice, and maybe even a mirror, but I promise using it will be well worth the shot.

Get creative with methods

Take a step back! Use the timer setting on your phone to take selfies that go beyond arm-length and show off a little more of your beautiful self.  Or, if the thought of striking a pose feels awkward to you, opt for a short video and then screenshot the cutest frame.

Finding the right light…

A benefit of living somewhere like Portland that is cloudy most of the year means we get access to that super soft, dreamy, diffused light more often than most! Think about it – your eyes don’t have to squint against the brightness of the sun, harsh shadows won’t be around to cast odd shapes across your face, and you won’t run into nearly as many issues with areas getting blown out behind you.

…and a dreamy backdrop

Make a day out of it and go exploring around nearby parks to find the perfect backdrop for your photos. If you're local to Portland, I highly recommend heading to the Hoyt Arboretum or Rose Test Garden (when in bloom!)

Go analogue

If you have a nice friend who has a Polaroid or Instax camera, offer to split a pack of film and take photos of each other! The photos are printed immediately, and you can scan them using an app on your phone or using a flatbed scanner. It’s a super fun and easy way to get photos that have more of an artistic quality to them!

Or, if you live in a city, there’s a high chance you can find a photo booth near you! Bars are the typical location to keep an eye out for these gems but do your research. The best ones are the analog-style booths using traditional development methods (yes, chemicals), but the more modern booths have definitely come a long way from the days of pixels past. Either way, they’re a great option for taking a selfie.

A Triptych of Profile Tips by Sarah Ruby Armstrong

Sarah Ruby Armstrong is an artist and dating profile magician, who offers objective and no-nonsense feedback to those who wish to stand out from the crowd. Here are her tips on how you can best demonstrate your authentic and wonderful self.

Avoid the list

Can you find a more unique-to-you way of articulating the things that matter to you? Aside from listing interests, qualities, or hobbies, why not expand on what “adventure” means to you, and what sort of space it takes up in your life? What feeling are you after when you visit a museum, and why does it matter to you? Which of Portland’s MANY awesome independent movie theaters do you prefer to see movies at, and why?

When we meet folks that we’re interested in IRL, it’s not because they have a list of their hobbies pinned to their shirt sleeve for us to review. It’s the way someone carries themselves, and the vibe they give off.

On dating apps, we do our best to approximate that ~vibe~ through showing how we string words and ideas together.

Seeing a glimpse of how your brain works, and what it’s going to be like to have a conversation with you, is way hotter than seeing you string together a dry list of single words separated by commas.

Be. So. Specific.

We’ve absorbed a lot of cultural nonsense that says we shouldn’t be “too picky” when trying to find dates. Maybe that was true when the only people in our available dating pool were the ten single folks in our immediate network…but with online dating, your profile is dropping into a deep sea of other humans who are actively looking to date.

One of the best things you can do is clearly specify what sort of bandwidth you have for a relationship, and how you’d like to be spending time together. Do you love going to midnight showings of cult films, followed by a huge breakfast at a 24-hour diner? Do you want to meet your matches for a 15-minute date where all you do is make out in a photobooth to see if you like the physical chemistry? Do you have a hugely enriching and full life, and you want someone who will go on a bike ride picnic on the bluffs once every two weeks when you have a tiny sliver of available time? You can say exactly that.

Ask yourself the deep, probing questions, so you can do the work of being specific in your ask. People will respond to your specific ask!

Get feedback! Reassess!

Show your profile to friends, lovers, strangers on the street offering Friendly Objective Feedback on Your Dating Profile!

It’s likely that your friends will have great language (and oftentimes, they have better pictures of you) to help fill in a fuller picture of who you are as a person. Self-perception can be a tricky thing to try and wield when it comes to putting together a dating profile.

Get input, take notes, be open to feedback.

And remember! Your profile is a living thing – don’t just set it and forget it! Reread your profile with fresh eyes every so often.

We humans are (hopefully) always growing and ever shifting, so it’s important that your profile reflects the most up-to-date iteration of your ever-evolving self.

Feeld openers

So you’ve made a Connection – congratulations! But that’s just the start. Next is striking up a conversation. You can always opt for “hi!”…but when there are so many other options, why would you risk shooting your shot on that? We asked real our PDX Feeld community for their go-to opening lines.

  • What are you thinking about today?
  • Seems like you’re someone I might consider splitting my PB&J with when the zombie apocalypse happens.
  • What song is on repeat for you right now?
  • Currently 6'6, climbers welcome.
  • What would our first date look like?
  • What’s something that made you smile this week??
  • Happy connecting! What's one of your favorite hikes?
  • So what song are we gonna have blaring when we fight SCOTUS?
  • Dill or sweet?
  • Are you organic? Because you look like you’d be good for me.

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