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Apr 2, 2019

5.2.2 – Introducing device photo upload

Device photo upload and enhanced privacy.

Device photo upload is finally here.

We know. Celebrating the fact that you can now upload photos from your own phone instead of routing them through a hidden Facebook album is very ‘um thank u for joining us in 2019, Feeld’. It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day. We’re feeling good. So good, in fact, we’ve got another surprise for you, coming very soon.

Enhanced Photo Privacy for our Majestic Members – Coming Soon

Discretion doesn’t have to be boring. A new middle ground between public photos and select snaps sent via chats, Private Photos are profile images visible to Connections only. And while adding Private Photos is a Majestic feature, any Connection (Majestic or not) can view them. What this means: if you’re hiding your face behind a lovely sunset and hoping people will still like you (or, alternately, routinely ignoring sunsets in Discover), soon you’ll be just one mutual like away from what lies behind the curtain. What’s more, photos marked Hidden by our bot can go on to live their best lives in the form of Private Photos.

We’re here for you

If you’re still confused by Hidden Photos or the new photo bot, you can check out our previous blog post about this here. Alternately, our Support Team is available to answer your questions via the Feeld Help Centre. Finally, if you have more thoughts to share with us, we’re always keen to hear what you think – reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 🌞

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