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Jun 23, 2019

Feeld 5.2.3 – Private Photos, Mal and more

If you're shy in Discover but want to share your wild side with humans you like, Private Photos is for you.

Smooth operator

This latest update also comes with a host of bug fixes and UI improvements. No more stuck text input or delays in uploading photos. We know some Android users had been receiving a repeated prompt to update Facebook permissions; this pop-up will still appear where relevant but we've simplified granting those permissions.

All the space you need

Some humans were having trouble activating their Majestic Membership trials, so we moved the 'restore purchase' button to the Majestic banner in the Profile section of the app to make it easier to access. Some of you reached out to us about Interests and Desires as well. Initially, we'd designed these to appear as single words; however some predilections just can't be contained! Now you can add spaces.

Go out there

We're always listening to feedback and one thing we often hear is that people in less populous areas are disappointed by the limited number of profiles around. Building thriving global communities takes time but we do offer a free feature called Cores, which enables you to change your location to a selection of cities worldwide. You can now find Cores directly through Discover if nearby profiles run out. It's perfect if you've got a trip coming up... or you can try your hand at virtual play.


Last but not least, we've modified the 'Our Community' page within the app to make it even easier to use. For instance, you may not know that Feeld publishes a quaterly literary journal. It's called Mal, and issue 3 (out now) features work by Chloe Aridjis, Daisy LaFarge, Julia Bell and Bhanu Kapil. You can now find Mal in the Feeld app itself – just open your profile and click on 'Our Community' 

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