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Jun 26, 2019

Feeld 5.2.5 – Pride icons and bug fixes

Our new range of icons blend the Feeld's signature orange with Pride's iconic rainbow. There's a vision behind this decision – read more about it and our larger Stonewall commemoration project as part of Pride Month 2019.

Good things come in small packages.

Some people reported trouble uploading photos and we've identified the culprit – large photo sizes! Now, if your photo is too big for us, you'll get a notification.

Beginnings and endings

New relationship? We've facilitated the partner link flow, making it easier to pair profiles.

Also, don't forget that our newest Majestic feature is now live: Private Photos. Only Connections can lay eyes on these special snaps, which won't be visible to the masses in Discover. If you're the pics-after-we-match type, this feature is for you.

Finally, we've made cancelling Majestic more intuitive – not because we want you to go, but because we love when you choose to stay.

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