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Feb 13, 2019

Feeld 5.1.7

Our latest app update is here, bringing key performance tweaks to profile photos and addressing some of the delays and crashes you reported.

Our big news, though, is that we’re at work to bring you one of your most requested features: the ability to upload photos from your device.

Device photo upload is coming just as the app stores that host us have  begun cracking down on risqué image content. And because we love you, our confident community, we’ve rolled up our sleeves to change how and where you can share your most XXX images.

What does this mean? Feeld's photo guidelines are changing.

Device photo uploads are being beta tested right now, so if all goes well, you'll be using this new feature in a few weeks.

Until then, there's one change you'll notice straight away - 'Hidden Photos'. Nothing is changing about photos shared in private messages, but from now on, explicitly sexual images can no longer be shown to strangers in Discover. Photos considered too sexy for our nudity bot will be blurred out and you'll be prompted to remove them.

Like humans, bots aren't perfect. If you're simply having tea with your granny in a flesh-coloured leotard and the nudity bot can't handle it, reach out to our Support Team by navigating to 'submit a request' within Feeld's Help Centre and we'll fix it for you.

Finally, we have another photo feature in the works. Majestic Members will soon be able to share 'private photos' on their profiles, visible to Connections only. While 'private photos' will also be monitored for nude content as we establish our new photo guidelines in accordance with restrictions set by the App Store and Google Play, we aim to explore the potential of this feature in the coming months - with the help of your feedback. If you have thoughts on this or anything else, you can always let us know by visiting our Help Centre within the app.

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