Apr 21, 2023

Wanna take a hike?

An Earth Day data investigation into the peaks and valleys of eco-conscious dating activities on Feeld.

This Earth Day, we at Feeld decided to investigate some commonly accepted truths about environmentalism and dating: is everyone really into hiking? Which demographic is most likely to be vegan? And just how big of a hold does cottagecore have on the queer community?

3.5% of bios mention the outdoors/outside.

2.1% of user bios mention hiking or hikes.

1.74% of bios mention nature

0.75% of user bios mention biking or bike rides.

0.63% of bios mention climbing.

Data provided by L Nichols, an artist, MIT-educated engineer, father, and a data analytics associate at Feeld. They are the author of the graphic novel FLOCKS (Secret Acres, 2018) and the upcoming I Am Only a Foreigner Because You Do Not Understand.

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