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Sep 16, 2021

Kama x Feeld: Sex and Dating Etiquette event, October 6

Kama and Feeld join forces to explore how to meet someone the ethical way

What does a successful first date look like to you?

We all know that online dating has become an entire puzzle of its own. Having prospective soulmates and partners in the palm of your hand can be overwhelming, but with the right tools for success, we can all shatter the anxieties and doubts we hold around dating.

Next month, Feeld is partnering up with sexual wellness app Kama to solve this particular puzzle. On Wednesday, 6th of October, Kama will host an all-inclusive online event to give you the low-down on best practices for any first date or sexual encounter.

In this 90-minute event, Chloe Macintosh (Founder & CEO of Kama) and Ana Kirova (CEO of Feeld) will be joined by experts and everyday daters to cover:

  • Mentally, emotionally, physically preparing for a date
  • Turning date anxiety into date confidence
  • Identifying our yeses and nos (desires and boundaries)
  • The first touch, contact, and experience with a new partner

Register at Eventbrite. Make sure to opt-in for Kama's newsletter updates via Eventbrite so you can find out what surprises we have in store for this specific event.

Please note: This event will be recorded on Zoom. You will have the option of keeping your camera off and changing your display name, and only the hosts' faces will be recorded. 

This is an educational workshop that is designed for everyone and all body types. Please email [email protected] for inquiries.

About Feeld + Ana Kirova

Ana Kirova is CEO of Feeld, the dating app for couples and singles founded in 2014. She began her career in design and branding before moving into product leadership, becoming Feeld’s Chief Product Officer in 2020. Prior to Feeld, Ana worked at Lingvist and IYA Studio. She graduated from the University of Greenwich and is currently enrolled in the Imperial College Business School MBA programme. She is based in London and Porto.

About Kama + Chloe Macintosh

Chloe Macintosh is the Founder & CEO of Kama. She has been researching the intimacy and sexuality sectors for the past 15 years. She's travelled the world to meet experts and practitioners across the industry. Chloe spent years refining the concept and waiting for the right time to come to market with something like Kama. Previously, she had a successful career as an Architect at Norman Forster, was the Co-Founder of Made.com, a venture partner with two European VC funds, and Chief Creative Officer for Soho House Group.

Once again, register via Eventbrite. Make sure to opt-in for our newsletter updates too so you can find out what surprises we have in store for this specific event.

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