The Best Podcasts About Sex & Relationships

May 11, 2017

Talking about sex isn’t easy, especially when it comes to relationships. Thankfully, there’s a podcast for that. You can listen to true stories, advice, essays and more while you’re commuting or washing the dishes. Here’s a list of our favorite shows on sex, love and relationships. 

The Indie Favorite

Nick van der Kolk’s series might favor “weird stories” over actual sex and relationship podcasts but his stories still provide some interesting insights into alternative lifestyles. In Girl of Ivory he interviews a polyamorous triad about their unconventional relationship before revealing that things are not what they seem. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but let’s just say there are some inanimate objects involved.

The Weird-But-Kinda-Sexy Ones

Bustle’s sex and relationship podcastI Want it That Way features quirky topics like Pokémon Go Sex as well as more serious issues, like what it’s like living with endometriosis. In a recent episode, the hosts get deep with author Jillian Keenan on the differences between fetishes and kinks and talk about her lifelong fetish for spanking. New York Magazine’s podcast, Sex Lives, also covers the intersections of sex, technology and freaky fetishes. With episodes like A Sloppy Night with Mike Pence to Using Tinder in the Third Trimester, nothing is too taboo with sex columnist Maureen O’Connor. 

The Anti-Slut Shaming One

Listening to Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher (the comedy duo known as Sorry About Last Night) feels like getting a really good pep talk from your best girlfriends—each episode is filled to the brim with sex-positive mantras and empowering antidotes. The hosts have no-holds-barred conversations about everything from diva cups to anal sex, and take turns interviewing their ex-lovers on the show, all in the name of sex positivity. The episodes aren’t meant to titillate, rather, the two New Yorkers want to take the shame out of having (and talking about having) lots and lots of sex. Self-deprecating but never apologetic, Guys We Fucked reminds listeners that it’s okay to be candid about getting laid.

The Agony Aunt

A podcast for the “lost, lonely and heartsick,” Dear Sugar is a live advice column hosted by best-selling novelist Cheryl Strayed and writer Steve Almond. Slightly conservative in the realm of sex and love, hosts Strayed and Almond provide a sober approach to real life relationship problems, like whether or not it’s wack to whack off when you’re married. In Porn, Part 1: Is it Wrong? the two speak with sex therapist Wendy Maltz, fielding questions about the morality of adult videos and what consuming them means for your sex life.

The Millennial Love Stories

Based on The New York Times column featuring reader-submitted essays, Modern Loveis a soothing guide to present-day relationships. In each episode, a famous actor reads an essay aloud from the Times’seponymous column. Hosts Meghna Chakrabarti (of WBUR) and New York Times editor Daniel Jones discuss the piece, sometimes bringing in the essay’s author for extra insight. A Millennial's Guide to Kissing is a great introduction to today’s lukewarm dating world while From Divorce, a Fractured Beauty (read by Molly Ringwald) focuses on the tribulations of long-term love.

The Polyamorous Guide

This community-driven podcast covers all things polyamory: from coming out to your family to parenting tips, Polyamory Weekly discusses all elements of navigating multiple committed relationships. The hosts, who go by “Cunning Minx” and “LustyGuy”, have spent the last 11 years airing their pansexual, kinky point of view on alternative lifestyle choices through witty and informative conversations. A brilliant resource for veteran and new poly practitioners, this podcast also offers entertaining insights on community and relationships that all gender, sexual and relationship orientations can benefit from. 

The Podcast for “Perverts”

Self-described as featuring “self aware sexuality, ethical sexual behavior and a f*cking mountain of perverted fun!”, Perverted Podcast is a weekly-based humorous kink/BDSM/sex talk show. Run by a handful of eccentric and boisterous characters with names like “Count Boogie” and “Abyss”, the podcast educates listeners on the positive aspects of kink lifestyles while making fun of the trials and tribulations of their own sex lives. Unashamedly “freaky”, the hosts cover topics from dungeon etiquette to proper pronouns for genderqueer individuals. Some episodes get real rowdy, with the hosts singing, rapping, and, ahem, occasionally orgasming on air. 

In Case You Missed It

If you haven’t heard of Dan Savage then you have A LOT of catching up to do. The Seattle-based sex columnist is the king of relationship advice, responsible for coining life-changing terminology like GGG (Good, Giving and Game) and bringing taboo topics like polyamory into the spotlight. Now on air for over 10 years, it’s no surprise that both Savage Lovecast and his column have attained cult status. Check out episode 518 and find out his suggestions for dealing with an abusive relationship, an ignorant lover and a new boyfriend with a nasty habit.

Whether you’re looking for a sex story or hoping to learn about some new kinks, these podcasts have got you covered. And while I suggest speaking with your partner when your love life's got you down, dialing up Dan Savage doesn’t hurt either.