Why i let you go “incognito” and my other fine features

November 14, 2016

Oh, I get it. You friended your aunt. Your teacher. Your grandmother's cousin's uncle’s co-worker. Your boss friended you. Facebook is full of friends, family and coworkers - most of whom you probably don't lust after and haven’t since you were 15.

That's why I go Incognito. I flip a little switch, the button turns on and bang - I’m hidden. Hidden from anyone who is my Facebook friend. There is no way for them to see me.

It doesn’t mean ashamed of who I am. I’m open-minded and curious, and so are you. But you’ve come to me to meet new people, right? Find new partners, friends and lovers because expanding your world is what I’m all about. Turning fantasies into reality. So how else can I help you do that?

Well, I also let you pick your own name. Your porn name. Your real name. Your favorite name. Take your pick. Change it six times a day if you want. A/B test it. You can call yourself whatever you like. It’s just one of the many ways I let you express yourself through me. I also let you detail what you’re looking for. I give you 3 screens to do it. Say as much as you want, say as little. Say nothing. I’ll always hear you.

If you're concerned about your Facebook privacy, know that if you go Incognito by joining the Majestic Society, your Facebook friends will never see you. The Majestic Society are the members who keep me on. Who improve me. So I can do things like go Incognito with you.