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Feb 1, 2023

"They have left the chat": How to Create Better Connections

Pleasure Principles is a virtual event series hosted by community leaders that aims to educate and provide resources around the pursuit of self-discovery and exploring curiosities.

2023-02-19 15:00
Event has passed
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Sarah Casper is a Consent Educator who doesn't like the word "consent." Rather than focusing on the legal definitions and ideal standards of consent, Sarah helps people grapple with the complexities of meaningful choice and develop the skills and competencies required to navigate relationships with care and respect. 

Through her social media channels, workshops, and curricula, Sarah has helped thousands of kids, adolescents, and adults deeply internalize the value of consent, improve their relationships, and become more prepared for the complexities of safe and ethical physical intimacy. To learn more about Sarah, check out comprehensiveconsent.com.

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