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Dec 8, 2022

Exploring Your Curiosities

Exploring Your Curiosities features Kat Blaque and Evie Lupine two BDSM lifestylers, who will answer member questions on how to express their desires and curiosities on Feeld.

2022-12-20 20:00
Event has passed
Virtual ↗

What if you could call a Feeld Curiosity Hotline? Well, you can at 1-888-FEELD11 (1 888-333-5311), and we will answer all your questions, psychic-hotline style. Call ahead and leave a voicemail for a chance to have your question answered by our panel of experts.

On December 20, join us for an AMA-style discussion with Kat Blaque, Evie Lupine, and other Feeld members about exploring on Feeld, navigating consent, and more.

In this workshop, you will guide the questions and we will provide the answers. Examples of questions to expect are:

  • How do start exploring on Feeld?
  • Where do I get started with alternative relationships?
  • How do I practice active consent?

What to expect: an engaging member-led discussion on being your most authentic self and pursuing your curiosities on Feeld.

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