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Jul 25, 2019

Feeld Community: A Day in the Feeld - HARDEMAN X FEELD X 50M

With a contemporary approach to dating Feeld, Dutch designers Hardeman and London concept store 50m team up to create the perfect ménage à trois with an interative evening that combines fashion with finding love.

2019-07-25 19:00
Event has passed
50M Concept Store ↗

In the mood for love? Pertinently titled “Hard Love” the latest collection from Hardeman plants the seeds of desire in which romance becomes the theme with an infatuation for all things denim. Draped dresses and tie-dye suits with red trim fur joins the usual lineup of upcycled denim designs for the upcoming event; “A day in the Feeld”

With a contemporary approach to love Feeld, Dutch designers Hardeman and concept store 50m have teamed up to create the perfect ménage à trois offering you a shot at love with a chance to try your hand at speed dating.

Your heart will skip a beat as this interactive evening gives you an excuse to show off your best look whilst being given the opportunity to find the one (or two) via speed dating in style. The night looks to explore themes of adolescence, sexuality and the prevalent topic of “self-love” during an age when self-care becomes increasingly significant. The trio aim to host an event in which the audience can engage and directly participate with the other performers and models who will be dressed in Hardeman tie-dye tops, pin-stripe jeans and silky off-centre dresses whilst working the room on multiple dates. The night looks to collapse the boundaries and blur the lines between love and friendship via a jovial way to bring us closer together.

Swirly denim dreams and candlelit nostalgia enhance the ever romantic mood whilst becoming the new date night staples. The evening will be open to all genders and sexual identities dedicated to Feelds’s ethos of creating an inclusive space where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards others. Hearts will be unbroken and lips will be kissed at Hardeman’s speed-dating show.

Fancy a date? - Visit 50m in London on the 25th of July from 7-10pm

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