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Mar 30, 2019

Feeld Community: Lick Events ‘The Reclaim’

A sex and body positive event, for womxn by womxn.

2019-03-30 22:00
Event has passed
FYEO, City Road, London ↗

LICK have been hosting parties for the last 3 years. Founded by influencer and model, Teddy Edwardes, the party creates an inclusive space that centres the experience of queer womxn. This party, the first of its kind, is hosted by the UKs largest striptease venue, FYEO City Road, London and is proudly supported by Feeld.

If you’re a fan of sex and body positivity, queer, curious or otherwise, then this is the night for you. The Reclaim is set to completely redefine the girls night out. 

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