Senior React Native Developer


- An incredible and kind human being with beyond $ passions.
- Experienced React Native (Redux) engineer with asynchronous programming skills.
- Proficient in the consumption of REST APIs.
- Experience releasing to production with using XCode and Android Studio.
- Excellent problem solving skills and the ability to work unsupervised.
- Excellent organisational skills and sense of due diligence.
- Strong attention to detail.
- Able to maintain design systems built in React.
- Can-do attitude with the willingness to learn.

More you

- Proficient with CSS and Styled-Components.
- Experience with Node.js and Rest APIs
- Understanding of performance optimisation, caching, security and energy consumption on mobile devices.
- Experience with developing for multiple screen sizes.
- Experience building animations and transitions.
- Focus on Test-driven development (TDD) and writing accurate tests using Jest and Enzyme.
- Experience in writing React-Native “native” components for the iOS/Android platforms (or experience in both iOS and Android app development).
- Good eye for design and building a great customer experience.
- Experience working within agile environments including Scrum/Kanban.
- Pair programming experience, willing to work collaboratively to both give and receive feedback within a shared code ownership team.

For you

- Be part of a fully-remote independent organisation.
- Self-managed and transparent organisation (open equity & open salary) that has a beautiful mission.
- We believe everyone should be able to work where they're most effective. Which means our team is spread out throughout the world.
- You will also have the opportunity to become a part owner of the company through our open equity program.
- Invites to Feeld events and an expense account are just some of the benefits of being of Feeld.

If you believe you can contribute to our mission please apply.