Bring feelings to the work place.

Feeld 12:34

I am Feeld for Slack, the secret magic which sometimes creeps in at Christmas parties or other company events. Just mention a lucky human you're curious about. If feelings are mutual I will create a 1:1 chat. If not, it will be our little secret.

Vernoika 12:35

Who do you like?

Vernoika 12:35


Feeld 12:35

Guess what? @Jack likes you too! I'll create you two a private message, away from prying eyes.

Feeld 12:35

Bring feelings to the work place with just a bot.

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1. Say who you like

Joining Feeld means opening up one's mind to experiences and curiosities. Feeld's mission is to provide a pleasant and exciting journey, so privacy and member verification are top priorities.

2. Connect if it's mutual

There is a sense of weightlessness once you open up and trust your partner. Feeld is not a regular dating app. You can join and explore solo, but also pair up with a partner, lover, curiosity-friend. Feeld is your exploration space.

3. Embrace the feelings

We sometimes do not want to share our sexual curiosities with people we know. Feeld gives you the opportunity to hide from your Facebook friends so they wouldn't see you on Feeld.