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Mar 3, 2021

Ever thought about a threeway?

Introducing Threeway Day 3/3: this March, celebrate pleasure that is open, unpredictable and curious

Have you ever thought about a threeway? You are not alone. 87% of women and 95% of men have considered multi-partner experiences as a fantasy according to social psychologist and threesome expert Dr Justin Lehmiller's research. In 2020, more Feeld members openly expressed an interest in a threesome experience than ever before, with almost 40% adding it their list of Desires. Over 40% of women, compared to 38% men, have listed threeways in their desires, dismantling stereotypes and attesting to the openness of the Feeld community. For couples this percent almost doubles.

So this March, we thought there should be a day to celebrate it.

Introducing Threeway Day 3/3

What is Threeway Day?

Threeway Day is a chance to celebrate one of the most widely shared desires. For those looking to explore threeway experiences remotely, Feeld's Remote Trios virtual core offers to connect them with like-minded members.

For many, an interest in threeways often represents an entry point into broader sexual exploration and experimentation. Threeway day is an invitation to all curious and open-minded humans to try something new and experience their desires free of judgement.

How can I celebrate Threeway Day?

While we aren't able to be together in person this year, Feeld is here to help you make Connections from the safety of your own home.

Feeld's Remote Trios virtual core dedicated to allowing couples and singles to virtually connect and play together, is our attempt of continuing to enable intimate exploration safely. Whether dipping a toe or looking to realise a threeway fantasy, Threeway Day invites everyone to try something a little mor3...exciting.

Why are threeways such a common fantasy?

To kick off Threeway Day, we have partnered with social psychologist and author of Tell Me What You Want and The Psychology of Human Sexuality Dr Justin Lehmiller who sheds some insight into what makes threesomes one of the most popular sexual fantasies:

‘Having a threesome is the single most common thing people mentioned when they described their favourite fantasy of all time. Even if it’s not your favourite fantasy, it's something that most people appear to have thought about before, with 95% of men and 87% of women saying they’ve had a threeway fantasy at some point. Threeway Day represents a convenient opportunity to start bridging the gap between fantasy and reality by exploring virtual threesomes. A virtual threesome is a way to test the waters, have a novel and exciting experience, and practice communication, while also staying safe during a global pandemic. Most people don’t have any experience with multi-partner dynamics, so having some practice – even in a virtual setting – can help you to figure out whether a real-life threesome might be right for you and how to better navigate this situation in a way that reduces uncertainty, enhances communication, and promotes mutual pleasure.’

Still curious?

Discover our members' virtual threeway stories and read Dr Justin Lehmiller's top 5 tips on organising a virtual threeway. Or dive straight into Feeld, where your humans are waiting.


Ever thought about a threeway?

This March there's a day for that. Join Feeld for #ThreewayDay 3/3/21

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