Dating for curious, open-minded couples and singles.


A space where you can explore your desires and find your people. Join solo or pair up with a partner, a lover or a curious friend.

Privacy & Authenticity

We’re never strait-laced unless it comes to privacy and authentication. We use phone and Facebook verification to make sure you only interact with real humans and we guarantee your conversations are not available to anyone but you.

Seamless communication

Attraction is a process and we’ve made it easier than ever to navigate. Send permanent or disappearing photos in chat, create groups with your connections and use smart sections to see your favourites on top.
Incognito Mode

Stay hidden from FB friends
Phone + Facebook Verification

Only real humans can join

Nobody (but you) can play around
Future Connections

See who feels you before you've liked them
Disappearing photos

Some things should not be forever – send photos to keep or to glimpse
Couple profiles

Date solo or browse as a couple with your partner
Feeld was founded by two people who inspired each other to change the world's outlook. Ana wrote Dimo a love letter expressing her secret desires and the fear they evoked. Dimo was both hurt and inspired, and instead of writing back, he created Feeld – a space where people like him and Ana can meet like-minded humans, open to the flickers of possibility sparked by their curiosity and imagination. Feeld is on a mission to cut through a culture stubbornly deaf to the multiplicity of human desire and to create new ground to stand on. We believe there is more to love and sexuality than imposed binaries and that opening up offers more than pleasure. Discover the clarity and weightlessness of completely trusting in yourself, your partner and of daring to experience what you really desire.

Feeld is also available for Slack

We've created a bot for Slack to enable you to express feelings at work and in the Slack communities you're part of.

Limited Edition
2xElliott X Feeld 500 T-Shirts

Celebrating our future, past and present with limited edition T-Shirts designed by 2XElliot for the relaunch of the orange wonderland.

Secret Wallpaper for your phone.

Series 2 of our secret wallpapers for iOS and Android members are now live. These designs are inspired by the fluidity of human sexuality, how it shifts and can be seen in different perspectives, shapes and colours.

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