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Few tips on how to stay safe and respect the Feeld community.

Guide to Feeld

Inside Feeld

Our members are often excited and impatient to share more with each other. Trust us, we get it. Even so, always be mindful when you share personal details such as your real name, phone number, address or any other personal information. We specifically recommend that you do not follow through any payment requests from other members, in case they are attempts at identity theft or financial fraud. Feeld will never ask you for your password or other personal information.


No matter how much we check and work to minimise the impact of fake users, it's always possible that a few manage to slip through. If you like Feeld, please report any users with whom you've had negative experiences, ones you suspect are fake or ones who clearly do not fit in our open-minded community. The more help we get from dedicated members, the better we can protect our space.


Be careful

We ask members of our community to be mindful of the following situations: if a member sends you links to sites requiring payment (even if they promise a refund later); if someone is immediately trying to move the conversation to a different platform; if a user disappears and then appears again under a different name; if someone is linking you to other sites – there could be a virus, information theft or other data abuse at work, so stay aware!


Feeld is about inclusivity, acceptance, and respect. Attitudes that violate these principles towards anyone in our community – members and the Feeld team alike – will not be tolerated.

Respect people's information

Misuse of information will not be tolerated. You should only use photos and information you have permission to use.


As much as we believe in honesty and openness, nudity and explicit content will be removed from your profile when found – society is simply not ready yet! We want to provide a comfortable and easily navigable space for our members to explore. You can always reveal everything to your Connections in private.

No one owes you anything

Being on Feeld doesn't mean someone will fulfil your wishes, sleep with you or give you what you want. Everyone can always say no. This applies across the board, from desires to information – if someone doesn’t want to share, it’s their right not to.

Consent is key

Consent is a fundamental principle of Feeld. Trusting that someone understands what you are comfortable with, what your limits are and that they won't violate those limits without your agreement – and vice-versa – is essential to all interactions. Take the time to talk about what you and your partner(s) expect from each other. Take the time to lay out safety rules. Take the time to understand what risk-aware consensual kink (RACK), Personal Responsibility, Informed Consensual Kink  (PRICK), and Safe, Sane, and Consensual” (SSC) mean.

Openness to others and their minds

No one likes, is interested in or gets turned on by precisely the same things. Some might overlap with your own desires, others may be entirely new to you. Just because someone is into something you're not into doesn't mean it's any less valid. This is exactly why Feeld was created in the first place – to be a space where people can test the boundaries of their own understanding of sexuality and desire with respect and openness. As such, bullying, mobbing, harassment and stalking have no place in our community.

Only real humans accepted

We are a real community of real people, looking for real connection and experiences. Fake profiles, catfishing and other forms of falsified personas and identities will not be tolerated. If you have used a fake identity, you will not be allowed on the platform anymore.

We are humans too

Please remember that on the other side of the screen there are real humans, who work devotedly day and night to make Feeld a safe space for your connections and explorations.  If you treat us disrespectfully, that won’t be tolerated. We reserve the right to exclude from our community anyone who displays rudeness and verbal aggression towards our team.

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