Feeld safety + community guidelines

Active consent

Both online and offline, active consent is a cornerstone of Feeld. Consent is a “yes,” freely given, without coercion, manipulation, or while incapacitated. It is a “yes,” made intentionally, by a person who is informed about what will and will not happen in an exchange. It’s a “yes” that can be retracted at any time.


Feeld is a place for all people to feel safe exploring their desires. In this space, we approach each other with openness, curiosity, and respect—regardless of difference. Feeling seen and respected is a fundamental human need. As we pursue it for ourselves, we extend the same grace to others.


Revealing ourselves to others is deeply personal. Sometimes we feel comfortable sharing, and sometimes we don’t. On Feeld, each of us gets to decide how, when, and with whom we share ourselves. Privacy doesn’t contradict authenticity. It lives alongside it as we pursue honest, meaningful connections.


We are who we say we are. Fake member profiles, catfishing, impersonations, or other intentional misrepresentations of identity are not allowed. In this space, we’re real people bringing as much of ourselves as we wish to each interaction. Doing so allows us to form more meaningful connections—not only with others, but with ourselves.


If someone makes you feel unsafe on Feeld, we want to know. Please report any harassment, abuse, threats, discriminatory behavior, or misconduct that you witness or experience. To protect your identity, your report will remain anonymous. We will either warn or remove people who violate guidelines. Let’s create a safer community together.


As our community grows and evolves, our safety practices will too. If you feel unsafe and need to report a specific case of misconduct or a safety issue, please email [email protected].

If you have thoughts on our safety principles, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Policy breakdown

This is a breakdown of our policy.

Personal information


Catfishing and fake images

Identity theft and compromised accounts



NCII, revenge porn, or blackmail

Prohibited images

Physical and Sexual Abuse




Crime (other)