Founded in London in 2014, Feeld is a fully remote, design-led company built upon an ethos of transparency and openness. This commitment extends to our operations, which is why Feeld is as an entirely independent and flat organisation.

Feeld has no physical office; our organisation is spread across 10 cities around the world with over 26 members. Our interest in human sexuality inspired us to create a more fluid working environment that is designed to give each member the autonomy they need to fulfil their vision.

Get familiar with our community rules. Our commitment to our members’ privacy and experience means we channel what we learn (and earn) only into improving our product. We don't sell your data. More in our Terms & Privacy Policy

Ross Gibson

Caolan Howe

Steve O Connell

Jack Thibaut

Kyle Brennan

Pedro Alvarez

Alberto Valverde

Jen Geacone-Cruz

Ana Kirova

Neil Cowburn

Damian Franco Alvarez

Evgenia Gavrilovich

Adam Anh Doan KIm Carames

Victor Loux

Cathy Keen

Michal Ziolkowski

Adrian Gierakowski

Lyubov Sachkova

Kristin Petersson

Dario Villanueva Ablanedo

Mitchell Maynard

Dimo Trifonov

Solvi Goard

Rich Harley

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