about feeld

Feeld is a dating platform for open-minded couples and singles.

A community for discovery

Neither a sport nor an endgame. We believe nothing is more unpredictable or less binary than human desire. This is why we created Feeld: a space where the curious and open-minded can come together. Open to all genders and sexual identities, Feeld is dedicated to creating an inclusive space where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards others. We believe there is more to love and sexuality than imposed binaries and that opening up offers more than pleasure. Discover the clarity and weightlessness of completely trusting in yourself, your partner, and of daring to experience what you really desire.

Who we are

Founded in London in 2014, Feeld is a fully remote, design-led company. Our commitment to transparency and openness extends to our operations, which is why Feeld is a entirely independent and flat organisation. Our commitment to our members’ privacy and experience means we channel what we learn (and earn) only into improving our product. No data ever goes to third parties, and never will.

Top 100 grossing lifestyle app
In over 100 countries
2200 hours a day
Spent by members on Feeld
5 million downloads
Across the globe
Founded in July 2014
A big idea in a tiny bedroom
35% Couples
1/3 Feeld members are part of a couple
Staying true to our values

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