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What is Feeld?

What does the ‘M’ mean on Feeld?

Is Feeld free or do I have to pay?

Is Feeld only for couples looking to date?

Is Feeld a hookup app?

How does Feeld work?

Can I choose different sexual and gender identities on Feeld?

How does chatting work on Feeld?

Where is Feeld available?

What languages does Feeld support?

Can I join Feeld without Facebook?

What features does Feeld offer?

Who can join Feeld?

What is the Feeld community like?

What is ethical non-monogamy?

Is online dating safe?

What can I expect on a first date with someone I met on Feeld?

Can I advertise my local event/party on Feeld?

I'm new to this, how should I set up my profile on Feeld?

Where can I meet people in open relationships?

Can people see what or who I'm looking for?

I have to hide my identity for personal reasons. Can I still use Feeld?

What if I'm not yet ready to meet anyone in real life yet?

What happens if I am not active on Feeld?

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