Mar 2, 2022

We stand with Ukraine

Our pledge - and how you can help

We stand with the people of Ukraine and everyone protesting against the Russian government’s act of war and aggression against a peaceful nation. We stand with everyone resisting this invasion, its means and the distortion of information used against it. We stand with Ukraine’s unity and resilience.

We stand for everything this invasion and its means of aggression violate – freedom, self-expression, love, the right to a future. Everything we are, as an organisation and an idea, has always depended on tolerance, solidarity and peace. These conditions are not only vital but require continuous commitment, energy, and thoughtful action.

As well as declaring our support, we have made donations to the following organisations:

We invite you to join us by supporting these charities and using these resources to help:


Support the LGBTIQ community in Ukraine

Defend Ukraine

How to help Ukraine now

International Rescue Committee

We will continue to explore how Feeld, as an organisation, can make a difference.

We are proud to stand with Ukraine.



Слава Україні!

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