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Jul 18, 2019

Feeld at Pride in London 2019

We were proud to march at this year’s parade with an extraordinary group of humans in support of the LGBTQI+ Community.

Thank you to our amazing LGBTQI+ humans, performers, drag queens and drag king for bringing the Feeld float to life at this year’s Pride in London march.

It was a day of celebration – of our similarities, of our differences, and of our gratitude to those who have fought to change oppressive perceptions, attitudes and laws of the last five decades.

The typeface used for our campaign slogan Free to Be was Feeld’s specially produced (and free to download) Stonewall 50 typeface, designed in collaboration with designer Bobby Tannam.

The winner of our social media competition, Christina Rud, won the chance to join us at the parade after completing our slogan as: ‘Free to be Three’.

‘I had the time of my life and felt privileged to take part in Pride with Feeld because it represents an important cause dear to my heart. It was touching to see so many families with young children supporting the LGBTQIA+ community.’ – Christina Rud (Feeld’s Free To Be competition winner)

This year’s Pride march overlapped with Climate Awareness Week, which inspired us to create a zero-carbon float. We partnered with bicycle-taxi startup, Pedal Me to create a one of a kind float, which was powered by Pedal Me’s own cyclist, Piab, who shared Feeld’s values and mission:

‘I was really happy to be taking part in the parade this year, especially to mark 50 years since Stonewall. It’s good to remind people of the historical context of Pride. I identify as queer and am in a polyamorous relationship with 3 wonderful partners and feel that Pride should be striving to be as inclusive as possible, and to protect our most vulnerable community members.’ – Piab (Feeld’s Pedal Me Cyclist)

Despite how diverse we were as a group, there was an overarching sense of unity; an understanding that we are all different and valuable in our own way and that we are all equally responsible for creating a future where everyone is free to be who they are, and with whom they choose. To quote Feeld’s Software Engineer, Solvi Goard: ‘none of us are free, unless all of us are’.

To connect with your local LGBTQI+ community and meet like-minded humans:

Feeld at Pride in London 2019
Feeld at Pride in London 2019

Photography by: Manu Valcarce

Video by: Samuel Douek

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