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Everything you need to know about the latest Feeld update


February 1st, 2024

We know that since our update, many Members of our community have not been able to enjoy Feeld to the fullest extent. There is nothing more important to us than getting you to the connections and experiences that brought you to Feeld in the first place.

This is where you can find our first update of the new year, exactly as it was published, and it’s also where you can find additional news as we have it. All the most recent news will be dated and posted at the very top.

Update: April 15, 2024 (Version 7.2.0)

It’s been a minute since we’ve given you an update. That’s because our team has been drilling down and making repairs that require a little bit more tenacity, ingenuity and time. While we fix, we’re continually grateful that you’re sticking with us as we built something better. We remain committed to improving Feeld, and keeping you informed along the way. 

For the latest Feeld experience, please update your app in the App Store or Google Play to experience version 7.2.0.

  • Feeld chat has experienced its ups and downs in the last few weeks. To minimize the downs, we’ve rolled out quite a few fixes—but we’re not done yet. Things are smoother and faster, and we’ll work to continue that trend. 
  • New feature: For the moments when a photo is so private even you forget what you uploaded, now it’s easy to remember. Tap and hold to reveal your own private photos that only you can see unless you choose otherwise.
  • A few smaller bugs were making it difficult to view profiles, edit photos and register for Feeld. Those bugs are out of here now. 

Update: February 20, 2024 (Version with 7.1.6)

7.1.6 is officially out in the world and available for download. This update addresses an issue that some Members may have experienced as recently as yesterday, as well as a few smaller bumps in the road. If you have feedback on road conditions (metaphorically speaking, of course), DM us on Instagram or Twitter. If you haven’t yet, update your app in the App Store or Google Play to experience 7.1.6.

  • Members were unable to send photos in chat and upload photos to their profile. Our team worked hard with our partners to fix this issue—and it no longer exists. 
  • Profile editing and pairing profiles will be a more seamless experience; a number of bugs were resolved. 
  • Your Discover queue will now automatically refresh once you allow location permissions. 

Update: February 12, 2024

This week, we say hello to 7.1.5, an update that’s small—yet mighty. As always, please DM us on Instagram or Twitter with any issues you see, or thoughts you have on how we can get better. To experience 7.1.5, update your app in the App Store or Google Play

  • Gray circles used to appear in the New Connections bar—but not any more. These should be gone for all Members.  
  • A number of additional improvements to chat functionality have been made.

Update: February 1, 2024

New week, new fixes—including the launch of 7.1.4. As we evolve, your input is essential to us. If you spot any issues or have thoughts on potential improvements, send us a DM via Instagram or Twitter. Before that, update your app via the App Store or Google Play to experience these changes:

  • After receiving your feedback, Locations are gradually returning over the next week. As the update rolls out, you’ll start seeing the distance between yourself and other Members in Discover, Connections, and throughout the app.
  • The minimum search radius has been increased to 5 km/3 miles.
  • When uploading a photo to your profile, you can now select from all the albums in your gallery.
  • Improvements to notifications for new Connections and chat messages.
  • Improvements to chat and Discover performance.

Update: January 24, 2024

Hi, again. Have you updated the app in the App Store or Google Play? Now’s a perfect time to do so, as we’ve made a few updates, such as: 

  • The bug causing the Feeld app to crash for some Android users is fixed. 
  • Members can now unhide photos they previously made private. 
  • You will no longer see grayed out profiles in your Connections top bar.
  • Members who couldn’t message a new Connection previously should no longer experience this issue. 
  • In chat, tapping a direct reply will now take you to the original message. 
  • If you leave a group chat, it will immediately disappear from your inbox. 
  • An issue adding Members to group chats—even if the chat was below max capacity—is fixed.
  • And for Members who have experienced issues with our Community chats—this feature is temporarily disabled to allow us to work on improving it as soon as possible. Once they’re back up, we’ll post an update here.

Update: January 16, 2024

Version 7.1.1 was released last week. First things first—update the app in the App Store or Google Play to ensure you’re using the latest version of Feeld to get all the latest fixes. Here’s what to expect once you’ve done that:

  • A previous issue with new Members experiencing a looping redirect as they began their process of signing up has now been fixed.
  • Loading speed for photos, videos, and messages has been improved for both direct messages and group chats, and notifications should perform better as well. The photo and video timers have also been fixed, so neither will expire before the full recording time ends or the Connection loads. 
  • On your Profile, you’ll notice that the experience of updating your profile is similarly up and running. Editing Gender and sending a Share link, for example, have both been updated. If you’ve chosen to temporarily hide your profile from search, you’ll now see a “Hidden from Feeld” label on your profile to confirm that setting. 
  • For Android Members who reported a flickering effect on your screen when in Dark Mode: that’s fixed!

We’re very grateful to our Members for sharing their feedback with us, and we’re working to continue improving and updating Feeld on an ongoing basis. 

If you continue to have issues with any of the above after updating your app, please contact [email protected].

Originally published January 8, 2024

Why did Feeld update its app?

Many of you have asked about why we updated the Feeld app. After nine years, the last version of the Feeld app was no longer able to host our community, which has been growing at an immense and thrilling pace over the last years. We had to reimagine the app from the ground up and evolve our design system and technology in a way that allowed for greater scale and flexibility. It wasn’t just about a new look: we wanted the new Feeld app to be as accessible to as many people as possible, so that more of you could enjoy the unique ways our community comes together. Honesty, openness, curiosity, and continuous evolution—these are the core values that our Members bring with them when they sign up, and it’s also a reflection of how the app was founded.

It is our growing community that has allowed us to remain independent in an industry dominated by conglomerates. Unlike other dating apps, we are not VC-backed and do not sell advertising in order to protect our Members’ data, since safety is a top priority for us. From day one, we have always been committed to keeping Feeld free to use. Our revenue comes solely from the Members who choose to subscribe to our Majestic Membership or take advantage of our other paid features such as Pings and Uplift.

As more people joined Feeld, we knew that the old version of the app wasn’t cutting it any longer. If you’ve been a Member long enough, you will have seen different iterations of the improvements we’ve been able to offer on top of the basic elements that made Feeld worth joining: like how Feeld has always offered paired partner accounts. This later led to us introducing a group chat feature between multiple connections to better serve the needs of our Members, as just one example.

It wasn’t just that we wanted a new Feeld: our developers knew that we absolutely needed one. Our people deserve a simple, reliable user experience that doesn’t require patience, a sense of humor, or a forgiving ethic, regardless of how much we appreciate those qualities in our community.

What happened?

As many of you know, things didn’t go as planned. In moving to our new and better built version of Feeld, we encountered unanticipated issues. We now have the infrastructure and the resources necessary to fix things quickly and effectively, but our update came at the expense of a period when there were several issues that proved difficult to fix all at once for our Members to feel that benefit. With that came a high volume of questions from Members, and a sizable increase in Customer Support tickets. We immediately established a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule for our developers and Customer Support team to simultaneously identify and resolve as many issues as humanly possible. But that’s the thing about what’s humanly possible—it’s got some serious limits.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Despite a few growing pains we are working to address, our update achieved one of our biggest goals: post-launch, we are now in a significantly more stable place to release fixes than we were with the old version of Feeld. The pace at which we can make noticeable and impactful changes has increased dramatically since the new release.

So far, since November 30, 2023, we have:

  • Released 9 new updates to the Feeld app and 19 changes to the backend to create a faster and more stable experience for Members.
  • Tripled our Customer Support team and strategy to eliminate our backlog of support tickets as soon as possible.

While the majority of our new Members are able to use Feeld exactly as intended, some are still experiencing issues. We are especially aware that Members who have been with us the longest have been feeling our growing pains the most, and we’re working to directly address this with those Members as soon as we can.

Our current priority is this: to get all Feeld Members back to using Feeld in the way they love, with the improvements we know Feeld needs in order to live up to its full potential. What makes Feeld so great is the people that are on it, and we remain, as ever, entirely committed to facilitating connections between our community.

Here’s what that means for you:

Our newly expanded Customer Support team has the ability to offer more options to Members who are currently or were experiencing any issues while they work to provide more substantial solutions. Our developers are continuously eliminating known issues, and reducing the possibility of any yet-to-be-known issues in the updated version of the app.

And we’re going to stop making statements like this, starting now—we don’t like that they’re monologues, instead of dialogues, because that’s counter to the whole point of Feeld. What we will provide is regular updates to let you know exactly what we are working on and what we have fixed.

We want our communication with you to be as meaningful as the connections you build with each other, and that means being direct and to-the-point as we share tangible improvements and meaningful displays of our gratitude. It means continuing to offer our beloved extensions of the Feeld experience, such as Feeld Socials, One Night Stand-Ups, and Feeld Forums, as well as our virtual events, so that you can keep finding other Feeld Members on and offline. It means that we want to hear from you and about you—from issues you’re experiencing to what features you want to see to any other ideas on how to expand and improve the ways you want to connect with other Members on Feeld. You can share those in whatever form you like best—we’re going to always keep reading your comments, answering your messages, and responding to your Customer Support tickets.

Thanks so much for reading all this, and for being here.

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