Sep 13, 2022

Feeld Interviews: Katya

As part of our interview series One Night Stands, personal trainer, activist and organiser Katya talks wholesome routines, big arms, cultivating abundance, and what's on their nightstand.

Katya is a personal trainer, climate resilience activist, and community organizer based in Portland, and the founder of @klipkloproductions – a production company dedicated to creating “organized chaos”, amplifying media and resources, the hottest events, and much more. 

My love language is

Honey, I am multilingual; but generally subtle acts of kindness, attention, consideration, and foresight will have me swooning.  Anything from a tiny gift of jewelry or a trinket slipped into my purse, to a ride home from the airport after a long trip, to snagging me that extra snack or meal, will go just as far with me as grand gestures.  

Pure pleasure for me is

I have full Gatsbian Syndrome. To sit in a greenroom, hearing the good times of guests at my parties, imagining the love and community flowing and knowing booties are bouncing, is the zenith of pleasure and compersion for me. 

I feel good when I’m wearing

A sapphire (through cerulean, cobalt, or lapis will do) ensemble that combines elements of 1950's grandmother and a millennial slut (see Instagram for examples!)

I feel most connected to myself when

Well, if I am on my shit, I have a pretty regimented and wholesome morning routine that starts with meditation, stretching, reading my affirmations, gratitude listing and list-making that keeps me grounded. Otherwise, good girl time with my dolls recharges my batteries!

My most niche kink is

Ooh kinks? Love them. Sexually, I am all about that dom/sub life, mostly because it is a space that celebrates consent culture and open communication about needs. Non-sexually, I love either a super tall king or a short pocket gay like myself. Height isn't sexual, is it? Lol!

One thing I’ve learned about desire is

Desire is something to be honored and celebrated; but I think these days more than ever, to be evaluated. How does my trauma affect who or what I find desirable? My upbringing? My prejudices? My early sexual and romantic experiences? All these things shape our romantic and platonic attractions, so I allow myself to feel all my desires but spend more time as I mature contemplating why I am wired the way I am. What am I projecting? Which desires are based on fear, and which are based on abundance? Which desires are being systematically reinforced or curtailed? Am I dating my ex? Again?!

I’m most turned on by

Knowing what you want, confidence, steadfastness, and/or the combination of the three always get me in a vulnerable position. That – and big arms or legs. 

I’ve always wanted to

My bucket list is extensive. Physically, I would love to conquer the Pacific Northwest Trail (see Wild by Cheryl Strayed). Professionally, I would love to interview or kiki with Coco Peru, Bianca Del Rio, Dominique Jackson, or TS Madison, any girl who’s seen queer culture throughout the ages. Personally, I want to go on one of those Scandinavian or Kesha cruises, or go see the hotties in Brazil! Sexually, Brock Banks and Sharok are on my list!

My best date was

I feel like I always have three answers, but there are different flavors of best dates. My best young and in love date, my first boyfriend and I held hands under the table at a crowded restaurant before prom, which was major in a small town in Minnesota in 2011. My most picturesque date was a seven-mile run with the cutest boy (who was almost as fast as me) that ended in jumping into Lake Bde Maka Ska in Minneapolis and making out while in the water as the sun set. We didn’t stay together long, but I will always cherish that moment. And my best classic date moment was a cutie a couple of Valentine's Days ago. We cooked a ridiculous amount of food, did some cute arts and crafts, and had some bomb-ass kinky sex!

My most memorable one-night stand (sexual or platonic) is

As a loud and proud ethical slut, I cherish every bottom I have ever entered! But a one-night stand of note? Hmmmm! Probably the one time I bottomed to completion to the sexiest Dustin I have l ever met in Palm Springs! If you see this, it was great!

On my nightstand you’ll always find

A lamp that has good hook-up lighting with maybe a wig on it and a cobalt blue bowl usually containing the essentials: lube, vapes (nicotine and marijuana), spoons, pens, a scissor, and my daily pill container for my PrEP.

I always gather inspiration from

It is such a blessed time to be alive because there is an abundance of BIPOC, femme and queer girlbosses to aspire to! Individuals like AOC, Oprah, Stacey Abrams, Lizzo, Lily Tomlin, RuPaul (yes even with the fracking), Ziwe, and of course, so many fabulous drag creators (i.e. Jinkx Monsoon, Jaida Essence Hall, Willow Pill, Kerry Colby, Shea Couleé, The Vixen, the list is endless). And I would be amiss not to mention some of my fave Portland queer creators, including birthdaygurl, Silhouette, Sativa Goddamn Jones, Kimber Shade, Sappho, Emoji Heap, Mona Chrome, Kyle Ford, Violet Hex, Atlas, Flawless Shade, Sheniqua Volt, Bolivia Carmichaels, and all my local girlies. So many people were born into a world that told them they were not good enough, and yet they chose to turn paradigms around and work tirelessly to better that world for themselves and others. It's lit! 

My ideal/fantasy relationship is

This is an interesting question that I haven’t thought a lot about myself. Somedays I could never imagine being in a relationship because I value my independence and peace too much. Other days, I imagine being fully wifed up in a loving relationship with one or two (dare I say three!) queer creatives who are on their shit. We share a big queer home but we have separate living quarters, travel far and wide together, and save a bundle on rent!

I’m currently listening to/watching/reading

Like all good people, I have had Renaissance on repeat since the start of August. But also Slut Pop by Kim Petras had a lot of my summer bops! Flume, Charlie XCX, Sofi Tukker, Lady Gaga and Madison Rose are also go-to artists. While on my last two trips, I have been chipping away at Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk. Asking me what I am watching is a dangerous question as I watch 48 hours of TV a day, but usually there's a loop of Drag Race (currently on Canadian franchise, shout out to Miss Fiercalicious and Bombae), Real Housewives, Hacks, GOT (gotta get in the mood for House of Dragons on August 21), South Park, or Desperate Housewives. Love drama, trauma, and conflama. 

My style/life icons are

Idris Apfel, Cody James, Rify Royalty, Miss Toto, Naomi Smalls, Colty PDX and Ziwe. Period.

You can usually find me

At home, endearingly called the Dollhouse, the greenroom of your favorite function, or gallivanting around queer spaces across America being a lil’ blue party grandmother/horse!

Recently I’ve discovered

I don't hate onions as much as I remembered! Still not a fave, but I can stomach them now.

I wish more people knew

There is an abundance out there: an abundance of love, of resources, of opportunities, and so much more. Operate with this mindset as much as you can, and you will be surprised what falls into place.

I love sharing

Workout tips, joints, platforms, good and bad ideas, blankies, sub bottoms, clothes, streaming services, and good times.

I don't like sharing

Food, my personal space, and hot glue.

The thing I couldn’t do without

I have this little stuffed Husky puppy that travels everywhere with me, and I would be very lost without him. I would also be lost without my phone.

I currently can’t get enough of

That guy who does Ina Garten impersonations, deviled eggs, animals of different species that are best friends, and cuddles with my current crush.

The work of art that changed everything for me is

Chelsea Handler’s “Chelsea…Does” documentary series on race, drugs, and love radically shifted my perspectives on those subjects. Runners-up: "I Care A Lot", "Social Dilemma", "Marie Antoinette", and Lord of the Rings.

The best advice I’ve ever received is

It doesn’t dim your flame to light another candle. And if something won't matter in five years, don't let it last more than five minutes. 

The last thing I loved was

A meme or booty pic online! *heart, heart, tap, tap*

I’m most looking forward to

I love Fall when everyone's travels slow down and there are lots of moments for renewed community! Gotta hear all the tea of everyone's summer adventures. And, shameless plug, but don't miss Lavender Nights with Jinkx Monsoon at Mission Theater (9/2 and 9/3), Roommates with my bestie birthdaygurl at Holocene (9/24), a soon-to-be-announced collaboration between Klip Klop Productions and the Portland Clean Energy Fund for later this October – and of course, a couple of exciting Q&A events with Feeld starting at the end of this month!

Katya is a personal trainer, climate resilience activist, and community organizer based in Portland, and the founder of Klip Klop Productions.

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