Nov 29, 2019

Feeld 5.5.0 – Introducing our new chat platform

A much-awaited update to the Feeld app is finally here: we migrated to a new chat platform.

Feeld is changing its chat platform

This change has been long coming; after multiple requests and reports, we are now finally in a position to upgrade our chat platform. Once triggered, the switch had to happen fast. Partnering with our new chat provider Stream, we now have all hands on deck to provide you with the smooth and reliable chat experience you deserve.

What is Stream?

Stream is a young company based in the Netherlands and Colorado (US), whose chat solution provides Feeld with the infrastructure necessary to offer you a superior chat platform so you can keep talking on Feeld without snags. It would also allow us to build new chat features, so definitely stay tuned. You can read more about Stream here.

What does this change mean?

We'll be honest – we've taken a leap. The first change you should notice is a faster and more reliable platform, with far fewer issues when chatting to your Connections. However, if you do experience any problems whatsoever, please get in touch on any of our channels. Our Support team is reachable via the app or the Feeld Help Centre.

Some of the changes you can take advantage of immediately:

  • You can resend failed messages.
  • You can see when your Connections are typing in your open conversations.
  • Chat message indicators are more accurate and easier to understand: sending, delivered and read.
  • System messages appear when a human starts, joins or leaves a chat.
  • Majestic Members can see when their Connections were last seen online and whether they're online now.

There is more coming. Meanwhile, you might have questions:

Will I lose my chats?

We're migrating all chats to Stream, so you won't lose any of your active chats. If anything appears to be missing, please contact our Support team and we'll restore it asap.

Do I need to do anything?

Yes. You will need to update Feeld to the latest version available in the App Store or Google Play Store. Other than that, you’re all set.

What should I do if I'm having issues or questions?

If something in our chat doesn't seem quite right or you simply have a question about the migration, please contact our Support team by using the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of this screen or email us at [email protected]. We're always here to help.

Is it secure?

Our new provider is very focused on security and privacy, allowing us to continue making the Feeld experience as safe as possible.

Start using the new chat. 

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