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Aug 10, 2019

Feeld Community: HOWL

A day-to-night queer festival supported by Feeld. Bringing together performance art, house and techno.

2019-08-10 15:00
Event has passed
Grow, Tottenham ↗

HOWL is a platform for the multiplicity of queer collectives to come together in these divisive times that seek to fracture our community.

- Samuel Douek, HOWL Co-founder

HOWL will build a limitless city bringing together performance art, house and techno for a 14 hour queer party. 

Event begins at 3:30pm with a panel talk on 'Queering the Nuclear' - a discussion that centres around the future of the family model and how dating is changing in the digital age. 

Guest speakers are:

Cathy Keen - Community & Events at Feeld. Cathy speaks publicly on the subject of ethical non-monogamy and unconventional relationships.

David Stuart - Manages the ChemSex support services at 56 Dean Street (an NHS sexual health clinic in central London). As well as being considered an expert in ChemSex epidemiology and healthcare, David is a writer, researcher and campaigner; his clinical and community work has been celebrated, recognized and resourced internationally.

Malak Mayet - Malak is a queer and non binary activist from east London. They use they/them pronouns and are on the asexual spectrum. They are currently on the National Executive Council for the National Union of Students, where they represent the Disabled Students' Campaign. Their work on queerness has focused on the intersection of queerness and race, with a focus on a postcolonial understanding of transgender identity.

Christina NR - A Norwegian philosopher and aspiring technologist. A true gemini she has danced her way through many a country before finally finding what she for the first time dearly calls a home; the East London queer community. Equally delusional designer and socialite she thrives on gathering thrifts and tribes.

The Queer City will comprise 3 zones: 

The Garden [performance art]
The Arena [house + club]
The Bunker [techno + hardcore]

Saturday 10th August 2019 at GROW TOTTENHAM

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